Date Hour Room Track
30th November,2016 12 am Artois 1 Track 1

Do public-private collaborations work the same way around the world? What best practices can one collaboration learn from the other ? Should that be regarding content, financing and governance of these partnerships, what are the Do’s and Don’ts when shaping and managing public-private collaborations ?

Find out with 15 renowned seasoned experts from USA, Europe, ISrael and Asia, ready to asnwer your questions and share their experience.

Prof Dr Michael Rossbach - VELA Diagnostics
Johan Cardoen - VIB
Catherine Rochat -
Vered Caplan - Orgenesis
Corinne Szilagyi - Biotech Development Conseils
Einat Zisman - FuturX
Franck Lescure - Auriga Partners
Christian Policard - France Biotech
Erik Tambuyzer - BioPontis Alliance for Rare Diseases
Luc Mathis - Cellectis
François Garnier - IPSEN
Stephane Boissel - TxCell
Brion Berman - University of Central Florida

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