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30th November,2016 12 am MATISSE Track 2

Coming from a joint initiative of Cabinet Beau de Loménie and De Gaulle Fleurance et Associés, BioFIT will consequently feature a workshop entitled “Could your innovations be protected efficiently by tools other than patents ? What about regulatory data protection, trade secret, blockchain & smart contracts?” on the afternoon of November 30th, at 4.30pm, in Matisse room.

For an hour and a half, a panel of experts amongst whom Nicolas Marro, Patent Attorney at Beau de Loménie and Cécile Théard-Jallu, Partner at De Gaulle Fleurance et Associés, will share their expertise.


This roundtable with legal, scientific and entrepreneurial experts in the Life Sciences sector aims at highlighting the best practices in the implementation of a strategic approach to the company’s IP and understanding the various means & protections solution: are secrecy, data exclusivity, blockchain & smart contracts playing in the same league as patents? What can we learn from the new European commission directive on trade secrets? What is new for the Life Sciences actors in the EU General Data Protection Regulation? How are the blockchain and smart contracts implemented in IP protection?

These are the questions that the panel will answer in the first part of the Workshop, enabling the audience to better understand these concepts. It is possible to compare the solutions to optimize asset protection, and through the presentation and explanation of these different tools, our experts are committed to bring out best practices in IP protection and raise more subversive questions: Are patents the Holy Grail of IP protection? Are smart contracts tomorrow’s solution for legal directions? Are we facing a war of worlds?

No matter what the answers, it is crucial to understand the roles and complementarities of the weapons available in the legal gear, to protect our products and understand the future of legal protection.


The panel discussion will be followed by an exchange exclusively dedicated to Question & Answer with the floor; during which Nicolas Marro and Cécile Théard-Jallu alongside fellow experts, will have the pleasure to answers your questions and address your concerns.


Prepare your questions and come on November 30th at 4.30pm in Matisse room to ask the experts, who are readier than ever to discuss the tricks of the trade!

Cécile Théard-Jallu - De Gaulle FLeurance et Associés
Nicolas MARRO - Cabinet Beau de Loménie
Rafaela Kunz - inseaConsulting
Thomas N’DEM - Beleev

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