Exhibition Floor Plan

Confirmed Exhibitors

3M Purification Stand B3
Aérial Stand E2-D8
AFSSI Stand F1 – E4
Alcami Corporation Stand A1
Alsace Biovalley Stand E2-D8
Artes Biotechnology Stand F2
ASF – Arvato Services France Stand C8
Association “Santakos slėnis” (Santaka Valley) Stand B9
Bionext Stand E2-D8
CEED Stand E2-D8
Cell&Co Stand A8
CIDETEC Nanomedicine Stand B6
Ciloa SAS Stand F1 – E4
CiToxLAB France – CiT SAS Stand E5
Confarma France Stand E2-D8
Cytena Stand E6
Czech invest Stand E3
DELPHARM Biotech Stand B8
Domainex Stand A6
Enterprise Lithuania Stand B10
Erdyn Stand B4
Eurasanté Stand D7
FGK Clinical Research GmbH Stand A5
Findmed Stand D6
Future Worlds / University of Southampton Stand B11
HCS Pharma Stand D7
Inoviem Scientific Stand A3
Kitos Biotech, srls  Stand A7
Ksilink Stand E2-D8
Macopharma Stand D2
Magle Chemoswed AB Stand B5
Microsynth AG Stand B2
NHL Cluster Stand D7
OCR Stand D9
OVH Stand E1
ProQinase GmbH Stand C2
RD-Biotech Stand F1 – E4
Réseau SATT Stand C6 – B15
Science me Up Stand C10
SIMV Stand D5 – C13
SMALTIS Stand F1 – E4
Soladis Stand B7
Synaging SAS Stand C4
ViroScan3D Stand B1

    Aérial Pays | Stand n°E2 - D8

    Aérial, Technology Resource Centre, offers services in R&D in the freeze-drying and radiation processing. Aérial’s freeze-drying activities encompasses thermal characterization, formulation and development of freeze-drying recipes for pharma products. In radiation processing, Aerial’s services cover validation of radiation sterilization and dosimetry for medical devices and pharma products and assessment of the impact product attributes with regard to standards requirements.


    Alsace BioValley Pays | Stand n°E2 - D8

    As a French world-class cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations, Alsace BioValley is the one-stop contact to optimize R&D development or business project in Europe, both in drug development and medical technologies. It is located in the famous French-German-Swiss BioValley with a unique concentration of international life sciences & healthcare players.


    AMYLGEN Pays | Stand n°D7

    Amylgen is a preclinical CRO dedicated to provide our clients a comprehensive platform of models of neurodegenerative diseases/neurological disorders and techniques for the in vivo screening and pre-clinical validation of new drugs or nutraceuticals.


    ARTES Biotechnology Pays | Stand n°F2

    ARTES Biotechnology is a pharmaceutical contract research company specialized in microbial process development and technology transfer. We market the unique METAVAX® (dHepB-VLP) technology in combination with yeast expression. This platform is applicable for large and multimeric antigens and able to create chimeric VLPs. In addition to genetic engineering, the company provides fermentation and downstream process development, analytical assay development and production cell line characterization.


    ARVATO Pays | Stand n°C8

    Healthcare systems, sales channels and distribution chains undergo constant changes to ensure patients derive the greatest benefit from innovative and existing pharmaceuticals and medical products at the most reasonable costs. Arvato Healthcare develop tailor-made outsourcing solutions that actively include all stakeholders within the healthcare sector - from patients, doctors and pharmacists through to health insurance companies and manufacturers.


    AxLR Pays | Stand n°C6 - B15

    AxLR is a technology transfer acceleration company. Our specialty is helping innovative projects derived from academic research reach maturity and commercialization. We work with the main public-sector research laboratories in France's Mediterranean area in Occitanie, one of the most dynamic locations in Europe, with over 200 laboratories and some 12,000 researchers.


    BIOTRIAL Pays | Stand n°E2 - D8

    Biotrial, leading early phase CRO, provides solutions in early development from non-clinical to phase II studies. Based in France, London, Montréal and New York, Biotrial offers tailor-made solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Available as stand-alone or full packages, Biotrial’s services line includes: Non-clinical pharmacology, Regulatory Affairs, Phase I & II Study Management, Biometrics and Medical Writing, Monitoring, Core Lab, Bioanalysis, Pharmacovigilance.


    Cell&Co BioServices Pays | Stand n°A8

    Cell&Co BioServices offers a complete one-stop-shop solution for managing biological and clinical. The services we offer cover the following activities: • Biobanking; • GMP Biorepository; • Sample processing (extraction, aliquoting, fractionation, etc.) and bioanalysis; • Sampling kit design, production and supply; Cell&Co is certified ISO 9001 and NF S 96-900 and also applies the following quality standards GMP, GLP, GCP and BPR (Best Practices for Repositories).


    Centre européen d’étude du Diabète Pays | Stand n°E2-D8

    Created in 1991, the “Centre européen d’étude du Diabète” is a private translational diabetes research institute, encouraging active collaborations between clinicians and researchers, in order to develop innovative therapeutic strategies and therefor improve the patients’ daily life. From its original status, the structure is a strong partner in the Scientific European community and acquired a rich portfolio of national and international collaborations from both academic and non-academic sectors


    Confarma France Pays | Stand n°E2-D8

    CONFARMA is an analytical service provider for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, chemical and cosmetic industries. CONFARMA go with you for your methods development, validations and routine analysis in microbiology, biology and physico-chemistry, according to the highest standards. The site is a pharmaceutical establishment authorized by ANSM and declared compliant with GMP and GLP principles. CONFARMA is ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 17025 accredited by COFRAC and FDA.


    cytena GmbH Pays | Stand n°E6

    cytena’s single-cell printer uses an imaging system and object recognition algorithms to detect cells in a single-use dispenser cartridge. Droplets are produced similar to inkjet printing. Cells are classified in the nozzle and subsequently dispensed directly into well plates. High viability has been observed for several cell lines.


    DELPHARM BIOTECH Pays | Stand n°B8

    You have identified reliable biomarkers or designed mAb against a bio-target. You have developed a companion diagnostic tool: immuno assay prototype (ELISA or LFIA) for biomarkers monitoring and you are willing to find a partner to industrialize your device before commercial batch. Delpharm Biotech, as Immuno Assay contract manufacturing organization (CMO) with all the capabilities, under ISO 13485 can meet your requirement in both veterinary and human diagnostic markets.


    Domainex Pays | Stand n°A6

    Domainex is an integrated drug discovery service company serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and patient foundations globally. Domainex provides highly efficient scientific solutions to enable successful drug discovery programmes against a wide range of targets. Our highly experienced molecular biologists, medicinal, computation and analytical chemists have a strong success record in drug discovery, delivering on average one candidate drug every year for the past six years.


    EURASANTÉ Pays | Stand n°D7

    Eurasante is both an incubator, a technology transfer tool, as well as a cluster manager in the fields of biotech, nutrition and healthcare in Northern France. It assists French and foreign companies, entrepreneurs, scientists and clinicians in their innovation and development projects. The regional network includes 1,000+ organisations working in the field of Life Sciences and Health. The region gathers 28,000 employees, including 22,000 directly involved in the Biology Health Nutrition sector.


    FGK Clinical Research GmbH Pays | Stand n°A5

    FGK Clinical Research GmbH is a Europe-based full service Contract Research Organization with offices in Germany (HQ), Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and UK. We provide full service for Phase I - IV clinical studies. Our international client base includes biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies. We have all the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through the clinical trial process, from planning and approval to the final report.


    Kitos Biotech, srls Pays | Stand n°A7

    Kitos Biotech provides cell-based assay services for anticancer drug discovery research, taking advantage of cutting-edge automation systems. Kitos Biotech is an italian private company founded in 2016 by two researchers in cancer cell and molecular biology. The laboratory is located in the scientific park of Porto Conte Ricerche (Italy).


    MACO PHARMA Pays | Stand n°D2

    Maco Pharma is one of the key players in the medical device industry for blood transfusion, solution bags and biotherapy. Their growth has always been driven by major innovations. These innovations are the result of substantial investments in research and development, as well as cooperation with customers and partners: blood centres, research laboratories, hospitals... For each of these 3 fields, Maco Pharma offers a range of products and services for each step of the processes. With 2300 employees, 4 plants (2 in France, 1 in Poland and 1 in Tunisia) and worldwide presence in nearly 100 countries, Maco Pharma aims at offering innovative solutions and quality products to optimise therapeutic practices and make them safer.


    Microsynth AG Pays | Stand n°B2

    As a private and independent Swiss company, Microsynth provides services related to DNA/RNA synthesis, various kinds of DNA/RNA analyses and molecular biology project outsourcing. For more than two decades, our objective has been to serve our customers by delivering products and services of the highest quality, on time and with outstanding service – and all this at competitive prices.


    NANOTRANSMED Pays | Stand n°E2 - D8

    NANOTRANSMED enables french, german and swiss scientists to develop together applications and innovations in nanomedicine, meeting major issues regarding patients’ care. The consortium focuses in particular on issues concerning early, reliable and fast diagnosis but also personalized treatment of diseases such as cancers and inflammation as well as issues regarding nosocomial infections contracted by 5% of hospitalized patients. The project is cofinanced by the INTERREG VA Upper Rhine programme.



    The Nutrition Health Longevity (NHL) Cluster is a dynamic network at the crossroads of health, biotechnology and nutrition. The NHL Cluster aims to federate public and private partners around R&D projects. It focuses on the fields of prevention and treatment of life-style related diseases, such as metabolic and cardiovascular pathologies, neurodegenerative diseases and IBD. Its objective is to gather and support players in designing, developing and financing products and processes.


    ProQinase Pays | Stand n°C2

    ProQinase is a preclinical CRO dedicated to support the development of cancer therapeutics by providing customized solutions that cover the full range of services from hit identification to preclinical testing. ProQinase’s portfolio includes biochemical kinase assays, cell-based assays, and in vivo tumor models. We continuously work to extend these services and, in addition, offers custom-tailored assay development to provide state-of-the-art drug discovery service.


    Réseau SATT Pays | Stand n°C6 - B15

    In France, SATTs have the challenging mission to accelerate the transformation of French research into innovations. Their aim is to enhance the value and to accelerate the process of technology transfer from publically funded research toward industry. SATTs evaluate, market and license technology from French Universities and Public Research Organisations. SATTs have become a major actor of economic development to reinforce company competitiveness, with an emphasis on SMEs and start-ups.


    Santaka Valley Association Pays | Stand n°B9

    Association Santakos Slėnis (Santaka Valley) unites and integrates activities of 4 largest research and study institutions of Kaunas : Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Vytautas Magnus University and Lithuanian Energy Institute at the science and business valley "Santaka".The aim of association is to carry out interdiciplinary scientific and aplied research, to create proper conditions for high-quality research services to businesses, to coordinate.


    SATT Grand Est Pays | Stand n°C6 - B15

    SATT Grand Est is a French governmental TTO. Our role is to identify and invest into R&D projects from French public research laboratories and transfer the resulting innovation to the industry. The scope of our activity includes: healthcare, material sciences, chemical processes, software. We also provide technical and scientific services under the trademark "Welience". Those services include genomics, lipidomics, imaging, cytometry, histology, protein engineering, bioinformatics,…

    SATT NORD Pays | Stand n°C6 - B15

    SATT Nord is a growth-generating tool for valorisation serving researchers and responding to the economic and societal needs for technology transfer.Thanks to a multidisciplinary team of professionals (experts in the various fields of research, project managers, experts in intellectual property, legal experts), SATT Nord ensures the detection of projects, their maturation and the protection of the intellectual rights and even up to their commercialisation through transfer.


    SATT Sud Est Pays | Stand n°C6 - B15

    Satt Sud Est is a private Technology Transfer Organization (TTO) with exclusive rights to source, protect, develop and license the results of research from public laboratories in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) and Corsica french Regions. Its goal is to help companies acquire reliable technologies that are better suited to the industrial challenges they face.


    Science me Up Pays | Stand n°C10

    Each and every project, concept or specific need is like a rocket ready to be launched. You are the captain of the spaceship and you must fulfill your mission. We are a specialized service provider in Research and Development. Whether you plan to conquer space or develop your business, our team will support your endeavours. Whatever your request, we can offer a scientific expert for service provision, event planning, recruitment, and training that will come on board to fulfill your mission.


    SynAging SAS Pays | Stand n°C4

    SynAging focuses on disease-inducing misfolded protein aggregates. Advances in neurobiology helped to understand the pivotal role of soluble prion-like misfolded protein aggregates in neurodegenerative diseases. SynAging has proprietary procedures to create aggregates with highest reproducibility. Oligomers are used in vitro and in vivo to induce neurodegeneration acutely and provide drug developers with fast access to phenotypic models mimicking the corresponding neurodegenerative disease.


    Xpress Biologics Pays | Stand n°B14

    Xpress Biologics is a contract development organization specialized in the production of Biologics, proteins and DNA, for the therapeutic and diagnostic markets.The production scale and the quality of the biologics (R&D and GLP) are adapted for in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical validation of the biologics. Xpress Biologics processes take into account the industrial and regulatory requirements, which greatly facilitates the transfer of the project to CMOs for the production of GMP grade material.