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How to create a European seed capital market?

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Cormac Sheridan has worked as an international science journalist for over twenty years. His current focus is on the translation of academic life sciences research into the commercial sphere; he has previously reported on the ICT industry. He is a retained correspondent with the US-based BioWorld Today, published by Thomson Reuters, and, for over ten years, a regular contributor to Nature Biotechnology. He is intimately acquainted with the scientific, clinical, regulatory, policy and commercial dimensions of biotechnology, as applied to medicine, energy and agriculture. He has reported from and acted as facilitator at numerous international biotechnology conferences and has travelled widely in Europe to build an understanding of the life sciences development strategies which different regions are pursuing. For more then ten years he has been a guest lecturer on the B.Sc. Genetics programme at University College Cork.  He has also acted as editorial adviser on a number of science TV series. He has a B.Sc. in Microbiology from UCC and an MA in Journalism from Dublin City University.

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