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How can industry and investor incubator models accelerate research translation?

I have 20 years experience as a science, medical and technology journalist and editor, including as news editor for Nature Biotechnology.

My company,, is a content creation agency, which provides clear, concise compelling content, related to science, medicine and technology.

Our talented journalists, writers and editors can deliver any content translating complex scientific and technological information into accessible language, ready for distribution to a wide audience.

janvier 2015 – Aujourd’hui (1 an 9 mois)Dublin provides Science Prose On-Demand. It delivers clear, concise, compelling content, suitable for distribution via traditional channels and social media networks. Such content is designed to help raise the profile of its clients in the fields of science, medicine, technology and innovation.To do so, SciencePOD relies on a network of highly talented journalists, writers ,editors who use storytelling, to produce high-quality editorial and multimedia content translating complex scientific ideas into accessible language. This helps make those who matter value the work of scientists, doctors, engineers, NGOs, science-related industries and science publishers.
janvier 2013 – Aujourd’hui (3 ans 9 mois)Virtual
European science conversations by the community, for the community. This participatory magazine explores the interface between science replaces in the context of society. It is an online magazine , which publishes critical analyses in the form of journalistic articles and guest opinion pieces from scientists, policy makers, artists etc.. Its goal is to stimulate a healthy debate around the concerns and issues faced by scientists in relation to science policy, science careers, innovation, ethics and researchers’ lifestyle.

Editor, Writer & Editorial Consultant
various publications
juin 2011 – Aujourd’hui (5 ans 4 mois)Dublin
Contributed to The European Physical Journal, EuroPhysics News, Research Europe, Science Careers, Nature Materials, CPB Review etc.

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