The BioParty is the perfect opportunity to continue to network while having a break from the two-day convention BioFIT 

The BioParty will be animated by Vladimir Spoutnik.

Who is Vladimir Spoutnik?

Vladimir Spoutnik is a DJ, a crooner, an actor and for sure, a man with a moustache!

Straight from Northern Asia, his destiny is being closely related to the first great heroes of the universe: Laïka, the intrepid little dog and the brave Yuri Gargarin. Therefore, he is a god of modern times: the most jovial disk-jockey!

His specialty?

To mix discs in a suitcase!

To stretch your ears in an atmosphere of dance hall, and maybe dance under the stars, if you’re fancy it, Vladimir Spoutnik will play a heavenly disc, right in his suitcase!

The BioParty will be held at the Palais de la Musique et des Congrèson 28th November from 6:30 pm.
It is free for all BioFIT’s attendees. 

Follow the rythm and enjoy your networking evening!

We are delighted to host the LabEx Medalis conference during BioFIT 2017

BioFIT is proud to host LabEx Medalis for this edition in Strasbourg.

The Drug research center Medalis is a “Laboratory of Excellence” (Labex) created in July 2011 as part of the French program “Investments for the Future”. It is a member of “Initiatives of excellence” (IDEX) in the University of Strasbourg. The aim of the company is to develop innovative drugs for cancer or inflammation treatment.

On the 28th of November will be held 3 conferences introduced by LabEx Medalis:
Session 1: Translational research at Medalis: From lab to biotech
– Session 2: Early projects, early opportunity: Find your match
– Session 3: Nature and nurture of an Academic drug discovery Center

For more information about the sessions visit the dedicated site page.