What are pharma companies awaiting from the start-ups they would like to interact with?
Learn from success stories of pharma-biotech collaborations through successful deals they made. What were the hurdles to these deals? What are the keys to carry a good partnership? What are the factors of success and how to handle them? When is it the best time to go meet with pharma for a biotech start-up?

Learn from figures and statistics: how many people get a deal at the end? How to picture an innovation in the best possible way to make a deal? How interactions between early-stage projects and pharma help anticipate pitfalls at the very early development stages? How innovative products have proven to come out of these deals?

This session advocates that a problem shared is a problem solved.

Gerald Law - Innovation DB
Phil L’Huillier - MSD
Luc Boblet - Egle Therapeutics
Shane Maloney - Servier
Jochen Maas - Sanofi
Loic Lhuillier - Exonate Ltd

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