Are you seeking assistance from Medical Device Experts?


8 Biotech experts


30-minute meetings

The Expert Meetings are your first step to success:

Secure a free flash meeting by sending a request on the Inova partnering platform to meet with one of our experts.

The Experts are specialised in many fields, such as:

  •  Regulatory affairs / Quality assurance
  •  Production / Sourcing
  •  Preclinical evaluation / Clinical affairs
  • Reimbursement
  •  Sales and marketing strategy
  •  Funding and financing
  •  Research & development
  •  Merger and acquisitions
  •  Human resources

And many others…

How does it work?

Each expert will have a meeting table in the Experts Area inside the exhibition space.

Please note that the number of available time slots is limited. To secure a meeting, you must book on the partnering platform beforehand.

Do not forget to request your meeting as soon as the platform opens (1 month prior to the event). Onsite meeting requests are subject to availability.

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