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CNRS Research Director France
How can we overcome the shortage of bioentrepreneurs in Europe?

Dr. Alain Wagner received a PhD in organic chemistry from Université Louis Pasteur (1991, Strasbourg, France), followed by a post-doctoral fellowship with Prof. Peter Schultz at Affymax Research Institute (1991-1993, Palo Alto, USA). He joined CNRS in 1994 to develop projects around combinatorial approaches in drug discovery. Promoted research director in 2001, Alain Wagner took a sabbatical to found and manage Novalix Pharma (2002). He latter participated actively in the creation of eNovalys (2009) a company to stake on the digital technology to become a major component of the research workflow by funneling and exploiting raw experimental data as a source of innovation. On returning to the CNRS (2008) he took the lead of the Laboratory of Functional Chemo-Systems and investigates the possibilities offered by controlling synthetic reactivity for biomolecules engineering and more recently for interfering with living organisms.  Alain pursue its goal of  Exploiting this latest results and patents Alain has recently co-founded Syndivia SAS, which provides advanced technologies for drug bio-conjugation / drug release.  The Biofunctional chemistry team ( is part of LabEx MEDALIS. Altogether, Dr Wagner published more than 140 articles in peer-reviewed journals, is an inventor of 19 patents and co-founder of four companies.

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