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OBN CEO United Kingdom
Workshop: A closer look on early-stage collaborations in the UK

Dr John Harris is CEO of OBN, the UK’s leading national life sciences R&D Membership organisation (400+ companies) with the aim of creating & enhancing an environment supporting the development & growth of the sector.

John brings to OBN extensive leadership and managerial competence developed within well respected Blue-Chip, Governmental and SME organisations, specialised in the Life Sciences Sector. Over his 32 years working in this space (including 17 years at CEO level), he has lead a number of start-up and science-based SME’s in the fields of biotechnology, diagnostics, drug discovery, pharma, and chemicals. He has also held roles ranging through research, technical & commercial development, registration, manufacture, marketing, and sales.

Dr Harris holds a BSc (Hons) in Biology from the University of Salford, a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Southampton and a MBA from the University of Surrey.

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