“Innovation can be found at the frontier of Sciences”, as Pr. P-G. De Gennes, Nobel Prize winner, taught Patrice when he was a student at ESPCI. Since then, his entire carrier path has been driven by this moto: “Stay at the frontier and transform Innovation into Medical value for patients”.

He has been in charge of a variety of senior leadership positions in Large Pharma (Sanofi-Aventis, RPR Gencell for 23 years) , Biotechs (Genethon for 3 yrs) and recently mid-size Biopharma for 4.5 yrs before getting back to the start up and Open Innovation world with MedBiomix SAS, dedicated to the practical applications of Precision Medicine.

Ph.D in Biotechnology from Univ. Paris VII, Doctorate (HDR) in Pharmacology from Univ. Lille II, Qualified Professor in Molecular & Cell Biology, Adjunct Professor at Paris-Descartes University and lecturer in several ParisTech Graduate Schools,

Patrice Denèfle is co-author of more than 150 scientific papers and patents, with an H-index of 40 and a total of more than 7,500 citations

He was trained at INSEAD (CEDEP, MBA-type course & International Network and Alliances Mgt prgms, 2yrs), PASTEUR Institute (Biotechnology, 4yrs) and ESPCI-ParisTech (Physics and Chemistry, 4 yrs).

He is a member of several Boards, and contributes to the Executive Committees of the MEDICEN Biocluster and the National ARIIS initiative. He has been recently nominated President of the French Committee AI/Health.

Patrice P. DENEFLE, Ph.D, HDR, CEDEP INSEAD, is the former Head and General Manager of INSTITUT ROCHE and a former member of the executive committee (COMEX) of Roche France

R&D interest
Apply state of the art Digital & Translational Sciences to bring Life Changing and Disease-Modifying Therapeutics to patients

Specialties: Broad and applied expertise in biotechnology & biotherapeutics, lipid biology & atherosclerosis, Neurodegenerative diseases, Oncology, Rares diseases, Genetic therapies, Human genetics, Molecular and clinical pharmacology, Translational Research, Precision Medicine (when Science meets Medicine).

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