13th edition


December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


📖 The AFSSI magazine is now available! 📖

But what is it? 🤔
👉 It’s a magazine made to better understand the positioning of AFSSI Sciences de la Vie (L’Association Française des Sociétés de Services et d’Innovation) in the healthcare innovation value chain in France.

AFSSI chairman Hugues Contamin says: “We have a vision, to make France the European leader in preclinical research”.

This 100% AFSSI issue of BIOLIFE aims to show that the pre-clinical phase is a crucial stage in the drug development chain.

96 pages dedicated to R&D partner companies, covering 4 main themes:
1️⃣  The battle for competitiveness in healthcare
2️⃣   The use of animals for scientific purposes: the duty of ethics
3️⃣   Sovereignty and innovation in France
4️⃣   Inventing tomorrow’s technologies

But to what end? 🤔
👉 To reach all the players in the French healthcare ecosystem:
✅public authorities
✅political decision-makers
✅ investors in innovation and research institutes

And why? 🤔
👉To demonstrate that the expertise of our companies is part of the solution to societal and environmental problems, in order to reconcile innovation and progress.

Discover in-depth articles, interviews with our members and opinion leaders:



Vincent Tavernier

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