Animal Health Presentations

SIMV launches a new call for projects in animal health. The expected projects are innovations with a very broad theme in relation to animal well-being and health (diagnosis, prevention, vaccine, therapy, medical device, connected health, etc.).

They can be at different levels of maturity (upstream, downstream or applied): no project is excluded at this stage. E-health projects in the field of veterinary medicine are also welcome

Projects submitted to SIMV will be assessed by SIMV expert members according to three main criteria: maturity, suitability for the veterinary market, technicality and innovation.

Following this evaluation, all projects will be mapped according to these different criteria and shared more widely with all SIMV members.

The best projects will be selected to participate in the Animal Health Presentation during BioFIT and the winner will be recognised as the most innovative project in Europe in Animal Health.

On-demand videos of the 2022 pitchers will be available from December 7th and for 30 days afterwards!

How does it work?

Before September 9th, 2022


To apply, the candidate must:

  • Have an innovative project
  • Develop a new technology/product
  • Be registered to BioFIT 2022
  • Fill in the online application form and submit it before September 9th, 2022
Before September 9th, 2022

Before the event


  • All applications will be reviewed by a jury who will select the most innovative projects.
  • The selected projects will have the opportunity to be presented during BioFIT.
  • The jury of selection will give feedback and advice to the applicants to help them develop their project.
  • The selected candidates will have the opportunity to display a video recording of their presentation on the online platform of the event (accessible by all attendees). This video will have to be 5 minutes long maximum, as the candidates’ presentation during the event.
Before the event

During BioFIT


  • The pitchers will have a 5 min timeslot during BioFIT to present and to highlight the most innovative aspects of their technology/product, business model and company strategy, in front of a jury of experts, potential partners and investors.
  • The pitchers will receive valuable feedback and advice from the panel of experts.
  • The most innovative project will be selected by the jury of experts and by the audience.
  • The winner will be recognised during the 2nd day of BioFIT as the most innovative animal health project in Europe in Life Sciences.
During BioFIT



Marine Pentier

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