The Collaborative and Licensing Opportunity Presentations are a great opportunity for TTOs, universities, research institutes and companies to showcase their early-stage technologies in front of potential partners in the Life Sciences field, in order to entail a collaborative project and/or a licensing deal.

The selected candidates will be offered to present and promote their assets in front of the BioFIT participants.

The winner(s) will be recognised as the most promising early-stage technology(ies) in Europe in Life Sciences.

BioFIT’s attendees will have access to a mix of live and on-demand content during those 3 days. This content will be available for 30 days afterwards; and they will also have the opportunity to debate with the pitchers via interactive online chats.

How does it work?


To apply, the candidate must:

    • Have an early-stage asset to entail a collaborative project and/or an opportunity to out-license
    • Be registered to BioFIT 2021
    • Fill out the application form and send it to the BioFIT organisers


by a jury of experts


    • All applications will be reviewed by a jury (composed of high level representatives and international experts from public and private institutions, life sciences industries, and investors) who will select the most promising early-stage assets.
    • The selected projects will have the opportunity to be presented during BioFIT.
    • The selected candidates will have the possibility to display a poster within the exhibition area during BioFIT.


during BioFIT and


    • The pitchers will have a 5-7 min timeslot during BioFIT to present and to highlight the most innovative aspects of their early-stage assets, in front of a jury of experts and potential partners.
    • The pitchers will receive valuable feedback and advice from the panel of experts.
    • The most innovative asset(s) will be selected by the jury of experts and by the audience.
    • The winner(s) will be recognised during the 3rd day of BioFIT as the most promising early-stage technology(ies) in Europe in Life Sciences.