With the highest attending rate of academics, TTOs and research institutions, BioFIT is the place where academia-industry collaborations get started. BioFIT has taken on a whole new dimension becoming the meeting point in Europe for tech transfer and for sourcing early-stage innovations stemming from public research institutions, academic spin-offs and emerging biotech companies. Together with big pharma, biotech and diagnostics companies, BioFIT operates as a platform to build partnerships for all public and private actors. BioFIT is also the marketplace for seed and Series A investment in Life Sciences.

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What is inside BioFIT?

A key reason to attend BioFIT

Out of 1,000 BioFIT attendees, 1,000 deals have been generated.

The breakdown in terms of nature of deals is the following:

  • 35% of collaborative research projects
  • 30% of licensing deals
  • 15% of equity investment deals
  • 20% of services deals

Estimate based on the measurement of 2015 and 2016 delegates’ outcomes

Who will you meet?

by organisation

by function

TTOs / Research institutes / Academia 30%
Pharma / Diagnostics companies 20%
Biotech companies 20%
Preclinical CROs 15%
Investors 10%
Professional services & consulting 5%
CEO / VP / Managing Director 35%
Business Development 21%
R&D Researcher / Scientist 16%
Partnering / Licensing / Scouting / TTO 14%
Other 14%