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December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


LEAP-BIO event


LEAP-BIO is a project funded by the Single Market Programme and aims to address the lack of intermediary services towards IP licensing and exploitation in key-target European regions/countries, such as Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Wallonian region (Belgium).

The aim of the consortium is to develop an early-stage focused IP licensing intermediary service for biopharma SMEs and start-up companies in the target regions to contribute to drive the growth of the small and medium biopharma companies in such regions towards a more competitive European biopharma industry at a global level.

One major achievement of the project is the set-up of a sustainable IP licensing intermediary service of early-stage assets. Such newly developed tool consists in an AI-powered digital platform for matchmaking IP licensing interests, in association with the partnering platform on BioFIT to schedule one-on-one partnering meeting.



LEAP-BIO AI-powered digital platform:
novel IP Licensing intermediary services of early-stage assets in pharma and biotechs’

The brand-new LEAP-BIO Digital Platform has just been launched in late October 2023. Developed by INOVA with the LEAP-BIO consortium, the platform combines AI-powered digital tool and face-to-face partnering events on BioFIT. This will enable to promote licensing opportunities of early stage-assets from biopharma SMEs, start-up companies and TTOs towards Pharma & well-funded Biotechs, favorizing matchmaking processes.


To access the LEAP-BIO conference you must be registered at BioFIT

As a LEAP-BIO guest, you have a special discount to access BioFIT event.
Please request your coupon code to ccoisne@eurasante.com

Pitch sessions

LEAP-BIO is a partner in the Collaborative & Licensing Opportunities Presentations at BioFIT

LEAP-BIO project is currently seeking applicants, who own early-stage assets at the discovery or preclinical stage that match the licensing interests of big pharma and well-funded biotech companies.

Great opportunity for TTOs, universities, research institutes and start-ups is offered to showcase their promising early-stage assets in front of potential partners/ licensors in the pharmaceutical field, in order to entail licensing deals. Sciences.

To apply to the Collaborative and Licensing Opportunity Presentations you must be registered to BioFIT.

To apply, the candidate must:

  • Have an early-stage asset to entail a collaborative project and/or an opportunity to out-license
  • Be registered to BioFIT 2023
  • Fill out the online application form and submit it before September 28th, 2023


  • All applications will be reviewed by a jury (composed of high level representatives and international experts from public and private institutions, life sciences industries, and investors) who will select the most promising early-stage assets.
  • The selected projects will have the opportunity to be presented during BioFIT.
  • The selected candidates will have the possibility to display a poster within the exhibition area during BioFIT.


  • The pitchers will have a 5 min timeslot during BioFIT to present and to highlight the most innovative aspects of their early-stage assets, in front of a jury of experts and potential partners.
  • The pitchers will receive valuable feedback and advice from the panel of experts.
  • The most innovative asset will be selected by the jury of experts and by the audience.
  • The winner will be recognised during the 2nd day of BioFIT as the most promising early-stage technology in Europe in Life Sciences.





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