General Terms of sale

Article 1. Object

The present terms apply to any order made by the Client about services in connection with BioFIT Event, 2021 edition, and for its hosted events, an event of GIE Eurasanté organized with Clubster NHL, BioValley France and Eurobiomed (hereinafter the Organizer).

By sending a request for services linked to these events, Client explicitly declares he has read and accepts all the stipulations of these terms, and excludes to claim any conflicting provisions, in particular his own general terms of purchase. Any modification or reservation cannot be accepted by the Organizer.

Article 2. Orders

Any request shall be made by the ordering form available on the event’s internet site or by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the Organizer, excluding any other means. The Organizer reserves the right to reject or cancel at any time a request which does not meet the requisite conditions, including without limitation: late or incomplete request, absence of the payments or guaranties, non-compliance with laws or present terms. Organizer can ask full payment before providing requested services.

Article 3. Validation, modification and cancellation of order

Organizer will accept ordering request by sending confirmation of the order to the email address given by the Client. Any modification concerning the order (changes regarding the contact details) will be confirmed the same way by the Client to the Organizer.

In case of order cancellation by the Client, the Client will be charged of the total amount of the order. No refund will be made by the Organizer.
The Organizer may propose, at its entire discretion, a deferral of the order for the next edition.

Specific terms of cancellation regarding exhibitors are defined within the article 10.1.

Article 4. Price

All prices are expressed in Euros. Value-added tax will be indicated separately and included in the invoice.

Orders must be paid in accordance with the conditions defined below:

  • For registrations no later than one month before the start of the event (14th of November 2021), payment is due within 30 days from the proforma invoice date,
  • For all registrations between one month (14th of November 2021), and 10 days before the event (4th of December 2021), payment is due upon receipt of the proforma invoice
  • For any registration less than 10 days before the event (4th of December 2021), payment should be done on-site only by credit card

Full payment must be made before the start of the Event. If not, access to the Event could be refused.

In the event of delay in relation to the contractual payment deadline, and after formal notice has not been served within fifteen days, the amount due will bear interest at a rate corresponding to three times the legal interest rate, in accordance with the provisions in force. This measure is not a sanction but is simply intended to compensate for a payment delay granted de facto.

In accordance with articles 441-6 c. com. and D. 441-5 c. com., any delay in payment automatically entails, in addition to the penalties for delay, an obligation for the debtor to pay a fixed compensation of €40 for recovery costs.

Article 5. Access to Event

Access badge corresponding to his status will be given to Client the day before the event or the day of the event. ID card may be requested. Access could be denied to clients late on payments or who don’t have badges.

The Organizer reserves the right to refuse a request for access or expulse any person whose presence or behavior would be prejudicial to the event’s safety, public order, tranquility or image. Any violation of the present terms may result in the immediate exclusion of the Client, without being entitled to any refund or compensation.

Article 6. Communications

Client has no right to publish the official catalogue of the Event or other communication tools without prior consent of the Organizer.

Article 7. Transfer – Assignment

Rights resulting from orders (access to Event, etc.) are personal and non-transferable, even to subsidiary or parent company of the Client, without prior consent of the Organizer.

Article 8. Force majeure – Deferral – Format change

Organizer may defer or change the format of the Event (physical or digital) and linked services in cases of force majeure. Cases of force majeure justifying the deferral or the format change of the Event are constituted by natural disaster, war, epidemics, or any reasonably unforeseeable and unusual economic, political or social situation beyond the Organizer’s control and which affect organization and operation of the Event or the safety of goods and persons.

In this case, Organizer will notice Client of the deferral or the format change of the Event without delay. Orders are still valid.

No damage and compensation would be due by the Organizer in cases of deferral of the Event.

In case of a format change of the Event (physical to digital), the prices of the passes and stands will be adjusted.
The Client will then, benefit from a deferral of the price difference between the total amount of his order and the revised price for the next edition

Article 9. Grievances

Any complaint concerning the services and the Event shall be made by written within a 24- hours period after the end of the Event to be taken into consideration. Complains related to hosted events shall be made to main Organizer of these events.

Article 10. Exhibitors

Notwithstanding the above-mentioned statements which remain applicable, the following conditions apply to Client for rental of an exhibition stand (hereinafter the «Exhibitor») during BioFIT Event, 2021 edition, and for its hosted events, an event of GIE Eurasanté organized with Clubster NHL, BioValley France and Eurobiomed.

Article 10.1 Exhibitions stand Reservation


The Organizer establishes the hall plan and attributes the locations considering, if possible, wishes expressed by exhibitors, nature of presented products and services, proposed arrangement of the stands and, if necessary, chronological order of acceptance.

In case of order cancellation by the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor will be charged of the total amount of the order. No refund will be made by the Organizer.
The Organizer may propose, at his entire discretion, a deferral of his order for the next edition of the event. In this case, the Exhibitor will be charged of a cancellation fee of 25% of the amount of his order

If the Event changes format (physical to digital), a virtual exhibition will be proposed to the exhibitor and his order remains valid. The Client will then, benefit from a deferral of the price difference between the total amount of his order and the revised price for the next edition.

If the Exhibitor does not want to exhibit virtually, the pass(es) included in the stand package will still be valid.
The price of the passes will be deducted from the total amount of the order.
The balance will be deferred to the next edition of the Event.


Registration bears no right to enjoy a particular location. Organizer cannot be held liable for any slight differences between the published measurements and the true dimensions of the location or for any changes in the stand’s environment.

The Organizer defines the time given to the exhibitor for set-up and dismantling. During set-up time, prior to opening of the event, exhibitors will bring materials and store anything which will be required during the event, under their own responsibility.

Exhibitors must be present on their stands at the time of the visit by the safety officer and be aware of the provisions relating to safety. At the end of the event, the Organizer may proceed to the dismantling, removal and tidy up that have not been made by the exhibitor in deadlines, at the expense and at the sole risk of the exhibitor.

Occupation of stands

The stands shall be occupied permanently by the exhibitor during opening hours. The exhibitor is responsible for keeping his stand for the duration of the event, notwithstanding the cleaning services offered by the Organizer. It is prohibited to sell, sub-lease or exchange all or part of the space rented, without informing the Organizer beforehand.

The specific decoration of the stands is done by the exhibitors under their exclusive responsibility, in compliance with Organizer’s instructions, while Organizer is in charge of the general decoration of the hall.

Notwithstanding the above, the Organizer reserves the right to have fittings that impair the general appearance of the Event or the circulation of the public or which bother neighboring exhibitors modified or removed, at the expense of the concerned exhibitor.

Exhibitors must leave the locations in the state in which they found them. All degradation caused by their installations or attendants to either equipment or the building will be evaluated by the Organizer and shall be charged to those exhibitors responsible.

Article 10.2 Insurances

Each Exhibitor must ensure to have insurance against all damages Exhibitor’s equipment or its employees may suffer or cause, directly or indirectly, to third parties and places during the periods of assembly, the duration of the exhibition and dismantling  period, so that  the Organizer may in no case be sought for any reason whatsoever. The Exhibitor could have to justify the existence of the said insurance upon request of the Organizer.

Article 10.3 Communications

Exhibitor hereby grants to the Organizer the right and permission to use, for the limited purpose of promotion of the Event, its names, marks and logos, even to issue press releases announcing Exhibitor’s participation in the Event. Exhibitor is able to express its disagreement to any use of its names, marks and/or logos by written notification to Organizer. Organizer will be bound by this refusal from the reception of the notification. In the case where Organizer would already have edited Event materials, Client will support all costs arisen from the destruction and the re-edition of updated materials.

Exhibitors must not distribute prospectuses or other such items elsewhere than on their own stand. No prospectuses related to non-exhibitors (even affiliates or subsidiaries companies), may be distributed. No audio or visual advertising systems can be used without Organizer’s written authorization.

Questionnaires and surveys are forbidden without prior consent, as for direct sales.

Exhibitor is responsible for the products/services it provides and undertakes not to present to public information that could mislead visitors; especially when a product/service must comply with a regulation, non-compliance is clearly shown.

List of exhibitors

Only the Exhibitor shall have the right to be listed as an official exhibitor in the Event book and website, or in the Event promotional materials. Information necessary for the list of exhibitors (website and book) are provided by the Exhibitor under its responsibility. The Organizer shall in no event be liable for errors and omissions that may occur. Exhibitor grants Organizer the right to reproduce on all communication supports related to the event its distinctive signs (name and trademark).

Article 11 Limitation of liability

Client agrees to make no claim for any reason whatsoever against the Organizer for loss, theft, damage, or destruction of goods, nor for any injury, including death, to its employees, agents, or representatives; nor for any damage of any nature, including damage to its business for failure to provide exhibit space; nor for failure to hold the Event as scheduled; nor for any act or omission of the Organizer.

Exhibitor is solely responsible for its own exhibit and products and should insure exhibits and products from loss or damage from any cause whatsoever.

Article 12 Limitation of damages

Organizer and its directors, agents, representatives, and employees shall not in any event be liable to Client for any third-party claim or for any direct or indirect damage arising out of this contract or its termination.

Article 13 Miscellaneous

The parties to this contract are independent contractors, and this contract shall not establish any relationship, joint venture, or agency between the parties. No party shall have the power to bind any other party or incur obligations on any other party’s behalf without the other party’s prior written consent.