Admescope Ltd. Pays | Booth n°

    Admescope provides the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and veterinary industry tailor made nonclinical ADME-Tox services. Our service offering covers research services for peptides, biologics and small molecules and is widely spread over the whole ADME-Tox area. The right assays are available, whether in the discovery or lead optimisation phase. The level of data interpretation can be customized according to customer preferences. Currently, Admescope has customers in 29 countries on 4 continents.

    AnaPath Pays | Booth n°

    AnaPath Services (APS) based in Switzerland and AnaPath Research (APR) based in Spain are one of the largest European CROs for Pharma, Biotech, Chemical/Agrochemical and MD companies. APR provides general toxicological studies, PK/PD, reproductive and developmental toxicology, veterinary products testing and bioanalytical services. APS is specialised in toxicologic pathology, histotechnology, necropsy service, FISH, IHC, TCR, TEM, SEM, foetal and molecular pathology, material science.

    Biogazelle nv Pays | Booth n°

    Biogazelle is a CRO specialized in high-value applications to support pharmaceutical research, clinical trials and diagnostic test development. We hold a unique position in the application of quantitative PCR, digital PCR and RNA sequencing workflows optimized for analyzing coding and non-coding genes, on valuable clinical samples such as liquid biopsies or FFPE tissues. We aim to speed up the development of therapeutics, such as small molecules, RNA targeted drugs, and adoptive cell therapies.

    CARBOGEN AMCIS AG Pays | Booth n°

    CARBOGEN AMCIS is a Swiss CDMO with worldwide presence focused on drug substance adn drug product development and commercialization services.
    Our services include:
    - Process development / scale-up activities
    - nonGMP & cGMP manufacture
    - High potency API manufacturing
    - Flow chemistry
    - Bioconjugation (ADCs)
    - Preparative chromatography
    - Solid state and crystallization services
    - Full analytical support
    - Fill&finish services for parenteral drugs
    - Regulatory support

    CLUBSTER NSL Pays | Booth n°

    Clubster NHL – Nutrition, Health, Longevity – is a French competitiveness cluster federating 350 members in the Nutrition, biotechnology and health sectors. We foster collaboration between academia, private companies (start-up, SMEs and large companies), clinicians and final users. Our aim is to help our members to design, develop and finance their innovative products and processes. The activity encompasses the ONE HEALTH concept, close relation between human, animal and plant health.

    Eurasanté Pays | Booth n°

    Eurasanté is a development agency dedicated to tech transfer and business development in life sciences sector in Northern France region. Our experienced project managers help researchers, startups and companies with their development projects. To do so, Eurasante provides many services such as real estate, fundraising, recruitment and business development. It also promotes the Eurasante Bio-business Park, which already hosts 8 hospitals, 4 universities, 8 specialised schools and more than 170 companies. It benefits from an exceptional location at the heart of Europe.

    EUROBIOMED Pays | Booth n°

    EUROBIOMED is the catalyst of the health sector in Southern France. EUROBIOMED leads territorial initiatives, provides resources and offers solutions for businesses and research organizations. EUROBIOMED helps them to innovate, finance, develop and achieve their strategic and business objectives to ultimately improve life through innovations in health. EUROBIOMED tops European rankings in all stages of innovation. Together, the + 400 EUROBIOMED members are a driving force in regional development (with 298 projects, representing +1 billion Euros).

    Eurofins CDMO Pays | Booth n°

    Eurofins CDMO provides integrated, end-to-end development and manufacturing services for Drug Substance/API and Drug Product manufacturing for biologics and small molecules. We are experts for highly potent compounds, poorly soluble drugs, lyophilisation processes, orphan drugs, paediatric forms… Our services: DS Development, Solid State R&D, Preformulation, Formulation Development, GMP Manufacturing, Clinical Packaging and Logistics, CMC Regulatory Support.
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    mAbexperts group: RD-Biotech, Diaclone & QVQ Pays | Booth n°

    mAbexperts, a team of companies with a complementary expertise in Antibody Engineering
    RD-BIOTECH: Custom services: development & biomanufacturing of plasmid, antibody, recombinant protein and antibody (Fab, scFv...). Analytical platform for proteins characterization. FastELISA kits
    DIACLONE: Products portfolio: mAbs (Cytokins, CD markers…), ELISA, ELISpot, SARS-CoV-2 products. Antibody development (hybridoma & phage display), bioassays services
    QVQ: VHH development & products

    Microsynth Pays | Booth n°

    Microsynth (founded in 1989) is a leading European company in the area of nucleic acid synthesis & analysis. The main activities are divided into following three business areas:
    - DNA/RNA Synthesis
    - DNA/RNA Analysis and Sequencing
    - Contract Research/Outsourcing
    For almost three decades, the company’s objective has been to serve its customers by delivering products and services of the highest quality, on time and with outstanding service – and all this at competitive prices.

    Novaxia Pays | Booth n°

    Novaxia is an independent player in histology for more than 20 years.
    Specialized in Toxicology / Pre-clinical, Pharmacology, Academic Research, Dermo-cosmetics and Consulting sectors, Novaxia is committed to its customers in terms of quality and deadlines.
    Our expertise allows our teams to offer you a personalized offer (customized protocols respecting your specifications), a guarantee of conformity (GLP accreditation, risk control, 100% control of the slides) as well as additional services

    SMALTIS Pays | Booth n°

    SMALTIS is a laboratory specialized in microbiology, delivering tailor-made solutions for the development of health products, from research to clinical studies. One of our fields of expertise is to support antimicrobials development by assessing efficacy and toxicity of candidates as well as risk of antibiotic resistance. We also work on microbiota to optimize and describe mechanism of action of compounds acting on it. Finally, we have expertise in strain engineering and plasmids construction.

    Soladis Pays | Booth n°

    Soladis is a consulting company specialized in health data providing methodological and operationnal supports thanks to a team of 100+ highly skilled consultants.
    The company develops and implement data strategies and supports bioinformatics, biostatistics, machine learning, AI....projects via its Data teams, and clinical study services from A to Z (medical writing, regulatory submission, clinical operations, monitoring...) via its CRO subsidiary Soladis Clinical Studies (pharma and medical devices).


    Xell AG Pays | Booth n°

    Xell is an innovative and agile partner for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, providing highly efficient solutions in cell culture technology. Besides our dedicated focus on cell culture media development, we have also strengthened our proprietary technology.
    Successful projects e.g. improving process efficiency, yields and quality in biopharmaceutical production for customers as BeiGene, Boehringer Ingelheim or Sanofi, CMOs SMEs, have helped us gain a reputation as reliable partner.