Servier is proud to support BioFIT 2023 in Marseille, France

Servier is proud to support BioFIT 2023 in Marseille, France

Servier is looking for partners

Servier is an international pharmaceutical player highly active in various collaborative approaches. Indeed, the Group is convinced that the best way to achieve fast-paced innovation oriented to meet patient needs is through collaboration and constant dialogue between those involved in health care in both the public and private sectors. That is why Servier takes an open and collaborative approach to innovation.


Servier has forged many alliances and is always actively looking for partnerships with world-class academic researchers, technology transfer and development offices, non-profit foundations, company builders, venture capitalists and strategic biotechnology and pharma partners.

Our partnership strategy centers around a single objective, to ramp up the speed with which we develop treatments that significantly improve patients’ quality of life. We take a people-oriented approach to our partnerships, and we focus on creating win-win situations by pooling our expertise.

SPARTNERS by Servier & BioLabs new incubator

Open since April 2023, Spartners by Servier by Biolabs is an incubator for start-ups specializing in healthcare and biotechnology. Co-constructed and managed by Servier and BioLabs, it currently hosts 5 innovative young companies in unique conditions conducive to the development of their projects. The synergy that reigns between the momentum of young, future-facing companies and our pharmaceutical knowledge help create unique conditions that will accelerate therapeutic research.

Besides, Spartners by Biolabs by Servier is hosted in one of the most dynamic innovation communities in the world. Residents can take advantage of a unique opportunity to establish new partnerships and increase synergies with institutional and private sector research bodies.

The incubator will be dedicated to biotech companies with therapeutic or technology projects aiming at improving patients’ lives. The co-working laboratory will be able to host up to 110 scientists, in an environment open on the surrounding universities and companies. In addition, Servier will support the companies by providing scientific, medical and industrial expertise to help resident entrepreneurs make key decisions to grow their company.

About Servier

Servier is a global pharmaceutical group governed by a Foundation. With a strong international presence in 150 countries and a total revenue of 4.7 billion euros in 2021, Servier employs 21,800 people worldwide. Servier is an independent group that invests over 20% of its brand-name revenue in Research and Development every year. To accelerate therapeutic innovation for the benefit of patients, the Group is committed to open and collaborative innovation with academic partners, pharmaceutical groups, and biotech companies. It also integrates the patient’s voice at the heart of its activities.

A leader in cardiology, the ambition of the Servier Group is to become a renowned and innovative player in oncology. Its growth is based on a sustained commitment to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, oncology, neuroscience, and immuno-inflammatory diseases. To promote access to healthcare for all, the Servier Group also offers a range of quality generic drugs covering most pathologies.

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Servier is proud to support BioFIT 2023 in Marseille, France Read More »