4 Days left before the business dating platform opening!

Hope you already registered for BioFIT2015 and your partnering profile already filled in,

in 4 Days the partnering platform will open and the meetings requests will begin!

Ensure your visibility and be attractive with a completed profile, but most important, be on time and active from November 2nd sending out meetings requests and answering incoming ones to book up to 30 one-to-one meetings over the 2 days event and make the most of BioFIT.

STEP 1. If you’re not already, register for BioFIT.

STEP 2. Complete your profile and licensing opportunities portfolio.

STEP 3. Be ready on November 2nd sending meeting requests and answering incoming ones.


Not familiar with the PartneringOne business dating platform, watch the tutorial.

For more information, contact us!



Vincent Tavernier

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