Another great speaker to join BioFIT 2016 conference programme

Dear BioFITers,

This week, another new speaker to join BioFIT 2016 conference programme. We are pleased to announce that Jasper Bos, Vice President Healthcare team of Merck Ventures, based in the Netherlands, has become a BioFIT 2016 speaker.

Jasper joined MS Ventures in 2009 and is now Vice President leading the Healthcare team for the current fund in 2016. Previously, Jasper was instrumental in the founding of IFHA, Investment Fund for Health in Africa, and worked as health economics and strategy manager at the Netherlands Vaccine Institute before that.

Jasper Bos will share his expertise in Track 3, dedicated to funding early-stage innovation, we can’t wait to hear more about the session!

Do you want to join our panels and speak during BioFIT 2016? Please check the agenda and contact us!



Vincent Tavernier

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