13th edition


December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


ASTP-Proton to approach Capacity Building tech transfer

Are you a Technology Transfer professional attending BioFIT? Then come and join us and learn more about Capacity building technology transfer


This round table discussion will tackle issues like:

  • How to approach Capacity Building technology transfer?
  • Is there a “one size fits all” solution?
  • Is The Best Practise transferable to every TTO in every country and applicable in each (regional) situation?


ASTP-Proton invites you to this interactive session to share your expertise and explore the possibilities to come to a better common understanding of CBTT.

This topic will be adressed by 3 high-league speakers from ASTP-Proton :

  • Christian Stein, CEO of Ascenion and President of ASTP-Proton
  • Jon Wulff Petersen, consultant of ASTP for the ProgressTT projec and member of the board of ASTP as vice president for program
  • Erik VaneGeneral Manager of ASTP-Proton

We are already looking forward to attending this promising session !

Discover the full speaker list here, and the conference program here

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Vincent Tavernier

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