Dear BioFITers,

You were waiting, you were looking forward to it and finally here they are!

We have the pleasure to introduce BioFIT 2016 first speakers as this year we are welcoming:

  • Kai Simons, Research Group Leader and Director Emeritus of the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, and CEO of Lipotype, a spin-out focusing on translating lipidomics and lipid analysis to clinical and industrial applications


  • Stefan Nilsson, CEO of Lipigon Pharmaceuticals, developing innovative first-in-class drugs aiming at treating Dyslipidemia patients

Messrs Simons and Nilsson will share their expertise in Track 2, dedicated to key issues in licensing and tech transfer. We will have the pleasure to hear them speak their minds in the session

“What is the best background for an academic spin-off CEO: science or industry?”

We are looking forward to attending the session and we hope to meet you there