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December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


BioFutur, media supporter of BioFIT 2015.

Biofutur decodes the news in biotechnologies,

Biofutur supports BioFIT !

Biofutur is a monthly science magazine dedicated to life sciences’ news and economics. It presents all the technological breakthroughs in the medical, agronomic and environmental fields, and analyzes their ethical, legal and political implications.

Every month, Biofutur provides:

  • Biotech News categorized by area of activity;
  • a thematic review on one biotechnological topic;
  • background articles;
  • portraits of leading or future figures of the biotechnological field;
  • interviews with biotech actors;
  • an agenda reporting the main scientific meetings.

And every day, Biofutur’s website (www.biofutur.com) provides more fresh news from biotech world.

Edited by Lavoisier, BioFutur is available by subscription, in newsstands and online (www.biofutur.com).

Biofutur team will attend BioFIT on December 1&2, 2015 in Strasbourg!

Take the opportuniy to meet them, register now!

You’re a media specialized in Life Sciences, Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical Industry?

Contact Anaïs at aschoreel@eurasante.com to become a media supporter

Check the full BioFIT 2015 participants’ list      //       Check the full BioFIT 2015 medias & supporters’ list



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