13th edition


December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


Come hear them speak at BioFIT 2018!

They will speak at BioFIT 2018:

  • Jan Adams, Managing Director, EMBL Ventures (DE)
  • Anjan Aralihalli, Venture Partner, CTI Life Sciences Fund II (CA)
  • Caroline Barelle, CEO, Elasmogen (UK)
  • Yann Barrault, Head of Business Development & Licensing, SATT Grand Centre (FR)
  • Jean-Charles Brosse, Partner Healthcare & Life Sciences, Positive Capital (FR)
  • Alain Chevallier, Life Sciences Partner, Truffle Capital (FR)
  • Lucie Ellis, Senior Editor, Pharma Intelligence | Informa (UK)
  • Juan Garcia, CEO, BioSeed Capital (ES)
  • George Hoffman, Co-founder and CEO, Network Immunology (US)
  • Adrian Ibrahim, Head of Technology Transfer, Wellcome Sanger Institute (UK)
  • Steven J. Klein, Vice President, Business Development, IRICoR – Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer-Commercialization of Research (CA)
  • Peter Leonardi, CEO, OmniCyte (US)
  • Michael Motz, CBO, NETRIS Pharma (FR)
  • Michael L. Salgaller, Supervisor, Invention Development and Marketing Unit, National Institutes of Health (NIH) | National Cancer Institute (NCI) | Technology Transfer Center (US)
  • Bernd Stowasser, Head of Alliance Management Germany & Global Public Private Partnerships, Sanofi (DE)
  • Jonathan Tobin, Investment Director, Arix Bioscience (UK)
  • Ewa Truchanowicz, Life Sciences Lead, University of Birmingham Enterprise (UK)
  • Bram Vanparys, Investment Director, MS Ventures (NL)
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