10 minutes investor’s pitch. Each investor talks 5 minutes about what they are looking for and then take the questions from the audience. The goal is to help identifying the right investor for the right project.
The pitches will be followed by a 30-minute moderated discussion to gather the investor panel insights on how to raise and secure funds in the current context. How has COVID-19 pandemic influenced investors and what is the impact on early-stage pattern of investment? To what extent is the early-stage investment in Biotech and Medtech affected? What are the opportunities to beat the funding odds during COVID-19?
The panel will feature feedback from early-stage investors, discussing key figures and recent experiences as well as guidance for start-ups dealing with this additional funding challenge.
Michèle Ollier - Medicxi Ventures
Sascha Berger - TVM Capital
Bert-Arjan Millenaar - NLC
Irene Fialka - INiTS
Rodrigo Mallo Leiva - IndieBio - SOSV

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