What is pharma looking for nowadays?

What is pharma looking for nowadays?

A lot of pharma companies declare that they no longer want to be purely developers of drugs, and thus they progressively transition to become healthcare solution providers, trying to seek broader solutions to answer the patient needs, and changing the way they look at assets: What does it mean for the industry in terms of orientation of their scouting efforts, particularly for early-stage assets?
This session aims to understand pharma’s viewpoint, the consequences for the orientation of deals, the way it is going to influence the relationships with academia and biotech start-ups. How does this strategic intention modify the type and the nature of deals that pharma have with start-ups & academic institutions? How is it affecting early-stage licensing deals?

Gerald Law

Chief Executive
United Kingdom
Innovation DB

Phil L’Huillier

Head of Business Development, Europe
United Kingdom

Joachim Vogt

Director, Search and Evaluation, Western Europe

Tomas Landh

Innovation Sourcing VP, Senior Principal Scientist Search and Evaluation
Novo Nordisk
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