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[Hosted events] WBC Club: Would-be CEO networking lunch

BioFIT and the WBC Incubator are pleased to announce that they will be putting together a special edition of WBC Club during BioFIT 2018 in Lille. This session, called «Would-be CEO Networking Lunch», will be held on the second day of BioFIT (5th December).

As talented CEOs are so much sought-after by so many stakeholders of the biotech industry, to both launch and drive new companies to success, this special WBC Club session will bring together representatives of emerging start-ups, technology transfer offices, incubators and investing networks as well as CEOs and would-be CEOs to address this crucial issue.

Since 2010, WBC Incubator has validated close to 100 biotech professionals in Belgium for their ability to match and work with scientific founders and entrepreneurs with the collective aim to build together more exciting business plans, stronger investment propositions and faster business development programmes. In Belgium, biotech CEOs and Would-be CEOs meet regularly to discuss business opportunities during so-called WBC Club events.

The «Would-be CEO Networking Lunch» is organised to present the WBC incubation model to BioFIT participants. Please also note that Would-be CEOs will be identified using the BioFIT partnering platform.

Any bioentrepreneur looking for a project to get involved in is welcome to join BioFIT and particularly this would-be CEOs networking lunch. Any incubator or tech transfer entity looking for an entrepreneur to lead their start-up launch projects is also welcome to join.



Vincent Tavernier

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