13th edition


December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


How to partner more efficiently with charities, patient groups and foundations?

The very exciting session “How to partner more efficiently with charities, patient groups and foundations” got its last panelist confirmed this week!

Scheduled at 9 am to kick-off day second, this session will discuss the pros and cons of partnerships with charities, patient groups, and foundations. Our panelists will discuss the successful models they had the opportunity to take part in, create, or manage, and their aftermaths.

Furthermore, we will go deeper by addressing the downsides of these partnerships: it is not always easy to attract the charities and foundations to invest in start-ups or research projects. Though charities and foundations have been increasingly supporting start-up companies, early-stage projects and project development leading start-ups, it is complicated for them to spot the right project, to find the right innovation and target the molecules that have potential,  how can TTOs and research institutes improve the dialog to set up more efficient collaborations?

Moderated by Thomas Dentzer, General manager of Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster, this session will feature panelists profiles as varied as they are completing each other :

–        Robin Rasor, CEO of the TTO spin-off, University of Michigan, USA

–        Olivier Arnaud, Director Research Europe, JDRF, France

–        Sohini Chowdhury, VP Research Partnerships, the Michael J Fox Foundation, USA

–        Jerôme Van Biervliet, Senior Development Manager, VIB, Belgium


We are already looking forward to listening to these heavy league speakers !

Discover the full speaker list here, and the conference program here

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