13th edition


December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


ITerra, incubator accelerator of innovative companies

ITerra is an incubator accelerator of innovative companies in the South of Hauts de France. Our offices are in Beauvais, Compiègne and Creil. This structure is part of a rich and complete ecosystem of more than 12 innovation parks in the region. Specialized in the bioeconomy, the innovation in agriculture and the sustainable and connected territories, the diversity of project leaders in our territory gives iTerra the opportunity to support health, digital, deeptech, social projects, etc. in partnership with the various structures of the ecosystem.

The human-sized team is composed of former entrepreneurs. A specificity that allows ITerra to fully understand the life of project leaders and thus offers both technical and human support.

Among the companies supported, we can find :

  • TchaoMégots which recycles cigarette butts ;
  • CellAlternativ, an in vitro testing laboratory that does not use animals,
  • Osiris Agriculture which develops a robot capable of automating and optimizing irrigation, fertilization, weeding and crop protection tasks ;
  • And 40 other innovative projects and companies.

To better understand what iTerra is, you can find us on our networks via this link : https://linkerz.fr/iterrafr.

Or you can discover our website : iterra.fr!



Vincent Tavernier

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