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December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


Laurent Lévy (Nanobiotix) & Frank Lescure (Auriga Partners) to speak at BioFIT 2016 plenary session

What a wonderful Plenary session we have this year!

30th November at 11.30 am, will gather experts from all over Europe to discuss the one-million dollar question which answer is obvious for some, delicate for others, but surely worth having a though on.

“Is Europe competitive enough in life sciences innovation  ?

Preceded by a 30-minute keynote presentation of Peter Gruss, who has been president of the Max Planck Society for over 12 years, and who will discuss “Academic-/biotech-/pharma-cooperations require new models”, the Plenary session will be an-hour long debate followed by a networking lunch to debrief the heated conversation that will be held from 11.30 to 1.00 am.


Check the line-up !

Keynote : “Academic-/biotech-/pharma-cooperations require new models”

Peter Gruss, former President of the Max Planck Society

Panel : “Is Europe competitive enough in life sciences innovation?”

Moderator : John Carroll, Editor EndPoints, USA

Laurent Lévy, CEO of Nanobiotix, FR

Ron Newbold, VP External R&D Innovation for Pfizer Worldwide Research and Developments, USA

Piyush Unalkat, Head of Technology Transfer Investments Innovation & Technology Investments; LUX

Frank Lescure, Managing Partner, Auriga Partners, FR

Johan Cardoen, Managing Director, VIB, Belgium (to be confirmed)


Don’t miss BioFIT Keynote & Plenary session, Amphitheater Pasteur, 30th November, 11.30 am.



Vincent Tavernier

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