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New speaker EVOTEC CEO Werner Lanthaler

EVOTEC CEO,  Dr. Werner Lanthaler will be speaking at the Plenary Session of BioFIT 2014, on December 2nd at 11am:

Accessing innovation: how to build long term partnerships?

Pharma’s interest on early stage is no longer news in the life sciences industry. In their quest to accessing knowledge, pharma and large biotech got more and more involved in early stage research, either by supporting big consortia or building collaborative research partnerships directly with academia. However, what do we know about the success of such partnerships and big consortia? Have they really worked and what were the outcomes? Where are we today in terms of long-term collaborations? Let’s hear from real experiences, what worked and what didn’t, what lessons have been learned and how have these helped in forging true partnerships.

  • Adrian CARTER, Vice President of Global Research Networking, Boehringer Ingelheim (DE)
  • Wen Hwa LEE, Strategic Alliances Manager, University of Oxford, Nuffield Department of Medicine (UK)
  • Manfred HORST, Director, Scientific Liaison France, Ge, Eastern EU Licensing & External Research EU, Merck Sharp & Dohme (FR)

Dr. Werner Lanthaler’s Biography
Dr Werner Lanthaler was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Evotec in March 2009. From March 2000 to March 2009 he was Chief Financial Officer at Intercell AG. During his tenure, Intercell developed from a venture-backed biotechnology company into a global vaccine player. Dr Lanthaler played a pivotal role in many of the company’s major corporate milestones including the product approval of Intercell’s Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine, the company’s acquisitions and strategic pharma partnerships, as well as the company’s Initial Public Offering in 2005. Previously, from 1998 to 2000 Dr Lanthaler served as Director of the Federation of Austrian Industry, and from 1995 to 1998 as Senior Management Consultant at the consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

He holds a doctorate in economics from Vienna University, earned his Master’s degrees from Harvard University, and holds a degree in Psychology.

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