13th edition


December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


New speaker Pascale REDIG from Janssen Pharmaceutica

Pascale REDIG, Sr Category  Manager Research & Academic Partnerships at Janssen Research & Development Procurement, JANSSEN PHARMACEUTICA will share the panel session on creative solutions to difficult problems in dealmaking.

Emerge and happen: creative solutions to difficult problems in dealmaking, on December 3rd at 11am

That things can go wrong in negotiations and partnership is not surprising. However, when you encounter these problems, sometimes creative solutions are needed in order to finally create a mutually beneficial partnership. During this interactive session, the panelists will discuss the common and no so common pitfalls in partnering and negotiations, as well as share their experience on the different stages of negotiations, the difficulties they ran into and the solutions they found.

Together with Stefan LENSKY, VP Strategic Transaction & Alliances, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM  and Juergen WALKENHORST, Head of Life Sciences, PROVENDIS GmbH, they will discuss and answer the audience’s questions on dealmaking.

DON’T MISS the connected session giving you the key tools to best apply your strategic alliance management.

Make it work and last: how to best apply strategic alliance managemen on December 3rd at 2pm

The deal signature is just the beginning of a long road to travel for putting in place a successful partnership. The alliance management is an important piece of the puzzle and if well implemented and understood by both parties, it becomes an effective and invaluable tool in the management of the deal. Let’s discuss how to set it correctly on paper and how to identify the right key licensing terms to the deal and how to manage the partnership in an efficient and rewarding way for both parties.

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