Dear BioFITers,

This week, let’s focus on BioFIT 2016 Plenary session. We are pleased to announce that Ron Newbold, VP External R&D Innovation, Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development, based in USA, has become a BioFIT 2016 speaker.

Scheduled on 30th November at 11.00am, the Plenary Session’s topic is: “Is Europe competitive enough in Life Sciences innovation? ”.

This topic will be discussed by a panel of experts representing TTOs, pharmas, VCs, academias and biotechs and moderated by an expert in journalism. Can Europe stay competitive in Life Sciences? We can’t wait to find out what our experts think about this.

Do you want to join our panels and speak during BioFIT 2016? Please check the agenda and contact us: Claire Lesnik, Conference Programme Officer and Ramona PIRV-CHICIREANU, Conference Programme Manager.