Posters and Presentations Dec-2 at 2pm

The Posters and Presentations session is organized in partnership with the LEEM (Les Entreprises du Médicament).

Agenda – DECEMBER 2nd

2.00pm ABUNDNZ Robert-Jan LAMERS Managing Director Ultrasensitive assay for bioanalytical studies with innovative medicines
2.15pm CAPSULAE Victor ROULLIER Project Manager Microencapsulation as a solution for therapeutic applications
2.30pm CYANAGEN Rossana PERCIACCANTE R&D Manager Novel fluorescent IR-marker for monitoring the kidney function
2.45pm VITAMFERO Pascal BRETON Chief Executive Officer VitamFero : a novel generation of veterinary live attenuated prophylactic treatments.
3.00pm DELPHI GENETICS Cédic SZPIRER CEO / CSO The Staby® technology: No antibiotics and higher yields in recombinant proteins, pDNA productions and antibody development
3.15pm IMSTAR Françoise SOUSSALINE President & CEO Innovative Image Cytometry Solutions for biomarkers identification and validation in research and cyto-pathology
4.00pm INMOTE MEDTECH Bart Groothuijze CEO Inmote MedTech: Easy, secure and consistent documentation in woundcare
4.15pm JAGIELLONIAN UNIVERSITY Radoslaw RUDZ Head of Innovation Team CITTRU Novel antiviral agents against coronaviruses
4.30pm OCR Matthieu DUBRUQUE COO OCR – The OneHealth Company
4.45pm QUINTEN Quentin PERRON Head of Chemistry Quinten: Expert in strategic data leveraging.
5.00pm 2BIND Thomas SCHUBERT CEO Fast and quantitative analysis of molecular interactions using the MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST)
5.15pm 3M Catherine BINEAU Laboratory Engineer Life Science Specialist 3M EMPHAZE AEX HYBRID PURIFIER: Purification to the next level
5.30pm 4P PHARMA Itschak LAMENSDORF Chief Scientific Officer Translating science to product: General methodolodgy for addressing technological and financial Challenges




Vincent Tavernier

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