Gerald Law

Chief Executive
United KingdomInnovation DB

Dr Gerald Law, Chief Executive Innovation DB, studied at London Business School, following a PhD (D.Phil) from Oxford University, where he also held a research post and where he still sits on his old faculty’s external advisory board. Gerald has worked in banking for a Paribas subsidiary, management consulting with a global US strategy house, and has been involved in several start-up businesses, including successfully raising funds, acquiring assets and exiting via trade sale.

Gerald was invited to help the STFC commercialise its science and so founded the UK Innovation Forum in 2009, launching in 2010, which grew and developed and finally was renamed as Innovation DB, following the international expansion of the company’s activities. IDB now serves customers across the world and now has a rapidly growing subsidiary in India.

Gerald is a recognised speaker in a variety of emerging technology, academic-industrial liaison conferences across Europe, including BioFIT, the Advanced Engineering Show, Pharma Integrates, Lab Innovations, GSTIC and others. He also sits on the investment committee of a London-based Venture Capital fund.

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