13th edition


December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


Nick Hicks

Head, European Operations
FranceChase Partners LLC

In 2008, Nick established Commutateur Advocacy Communications and recently forged an alliance with Chase-Partners LLC bridging his patient knowledge across Europe to American based companies interested in furthering their patient focus across geographic boundaries. He is responsible for all EU assignments.  Previously, Nick has gained over 12 years of international experience including Biogen and Sanofi as well as 15 years experience in agencies. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his advocacy and strategic communications ability and gained deep knowledge in diabetes, lupus, MS, pain, plasma products, renal and wound care.

He has dual  British and Irish  citizenship and currently resides in Paris, France. He received a MS in Neurochemistry at Kings College, London and later earned a Diploma from the European Market Access University (EMAUD), a unique and innovative program addressing key elements throughout each step of the drug life cycle. Since 2012, he continues to lecture on the European Market Access University Diploma bringing patient insight across the life cycle.  Nick is Producer of If Medicine Could Talk, a biweekly flog on best-practice in patient engagement across the the life cycle. More recently, Nick and Jennifer produced, “When Leaders Talk Medicines”, a biweekly video newsletter from C-suite Life Sciences executives who are pushing to break-up the traditional R&D cycle for more efficient drug development in diseases with significant unmet patient need.

He is a trained business coach and specialises in innovation and creativity.

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