13th edition


December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


Nuno Alves

Associate Director, Innovation Management
United KingdomAstellas Europe

Nuno Alves has a PhD in Clinical Neurosciences from the University of Cambridge, where his clinical research focused on regeneration of nerves after injuries in the central nervous system. He is passionate about new innovative ways to make, communicate and improve science through a synergy of academic, industry and investment resources. Nuno has worked in different consulting roles within the healthcare sector, at the intersection of biotech and investment. He has also worked among several start-ups and has co-founded a transcriptomics company. He now works at Astellas where his role is to search and evaluate investable opportunities, in the UK and Europe, that can bring value to Astellas portfolio. Throughout his career, Nuno has lived in 5 different countries and understands the importance that location has in career development, innovation, and investment.

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