13th edition


December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


Santiago Ini

Director of Business Development
IsraelT3-Technion Technology Transfer

Santiago Ini is an Entrepreneur and an expert in Technology Transfer. He is working building Innovative Ecosystems and Technology Transfer Offices around the world, focuses in Africa and South America.
Previously he served as a Director of Business Development in Life Science at the Technion technology transfer office (T3), bringing Technion inventions to international markets and helping to the creation of New Companies, some of them valuated today in more than hundred million dollars.
In the past he played a role as a top manager at Enzymotec, Algatechnologies and Teva Pharmaceutical providing innovation and leadership in the life science sector. He is the founder of Mental Heal, a company that develops a drug for the treatment of schizophrenia and Glaucopharm, a company dealing with the treatment for Glaucoma.
Dr. Ini received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Faculty of Chemistry of the Technion– Israel Institute of Technology. From 2000-2003 he did a post-doctoral work in Organometallic Chemistry and Imprinting Polymers at the University of California at Berkeley followed by an MBA. He is author of several scientific articles and an inventor on more than forty patents.

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