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December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


In-depth Interview with Elasmogen, winner of the 2018 Start-up Slams

Caroline Barelle, CEO of Elasmogen, explains why they attend BioFIT, and in particular why they applied to the Start-up Slams.

Can you describe your innovation in few words?

Next generation therapeutic biologics . These are essentially naturally occurring small antibody-like molecules that form part of the adaptive immune system of sharks. We call these soloMERs.

How is your technology innovative?

Given the small size (better tissue penetration), stability (novel routes of administration), novel structure (binds cryptic or hidden epitopes on the target) and simple structure, the team saw the opportunity to develop these into a new class of therapeutic drugs. We have succeeded in re-formatting these to bind more than one disease target and in isolating soloMERs that bind unique parts of the target disease molecule of all which results in increased potency.

Why did you apply to the Start-up Slams?

The opportunity to headline our company at such a prestigious conference provides the benefit of presenting in front of a great mixed audience of investors, pharma, biotech and academics.

Why did you attend BioFIT?

The quality of participants from all corners of the life science sector

What do you retain from these two days?

 I thought it was a great conference. It was the right size to network and reach out and meet those I wanted to. There was the right balance of investors, pharma, biotech and academics there and I was able to benefit from the one-2-one partnering meetings as well as enjoy the panel debates and discussions.

What will you say to someone which aims at appling to the Start-up Slams in 2019?

Go for it! I remain amazed that we were winners given the quality of the other companies but regardless just participating gives you a platform in front of a great panel and a great audience.


More information on www.elasmogen.com

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