13th edition


December 3rd & 4th, 2024


December 11th& 12th 2024


Bert-Arjan Millenaar

Founder & CEO
The NetherlandsNLC

I founded NLC with a mission to bring healthtech inventions to market. Due to market complexities and fragmentation, 95% of life-changing, science-based healthtech inventions never reach the patients.
At NLC we don’t accept this status quo; we scout medical inventions all over Europe and build these out into commercially viable ventures, so that these life-changing inventions can reach the patient.
Throughout the years, we have built a dedicated network, driven by data and learnings. We support our ventures in a variety of different ways, including fund-raising, team-building and legal support.
As founder & CEO, my primary role is to set-out the strategy and rally internal- & external stakeholders.
I am always on the look-out for potential partners in Europe, who share my passion for venture building and advancing health. Specialities: healthtech, healthcare, medtech, biotech, venture building, start-ups, fundraising, valorisation, seed investing, entrepreneurship.

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