3M Pays | Booth n°D20

    3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division provides cutting edge separation and purification technology and products for biopharmaceutical companies involved in production of recombinant proteins, plasma fractionation products, vaccines and small molecule drugs. Using 3M’s innovative material science platforms, we help companies optimize their processes, improve product safety and increase manufacturing efficiencies, thereby, improving lives everywhere as a trusted supplier of purification


    Admescope Ltd. Pays | Booth n°I25

    Admescope provides the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and veterinary industry tailor made ADME-Tox services. Our service offering covers research services for peptides, biologics and small molecules and is widely spread over the whole ADME-Tox area. The right assays are available, whether in the discovery or lead optimisation phase. The level of data interpretation can be customized according to customer preferences. Currently Admescope serves customers in 27 countries on four continents.


    Aepodia Pays | Booth n°D21/2

    Aepodia is a solution provider specialised in the early development of drugs and medical devices up to clinical proof-of-concept (from preclinical to Phase 2). Aepodia offers expertise and innovative approaches to its partners to optimise the clinical development programmes of products as well as the management and operational execution of clinical studies carried out in multiple countries. With offices in Belgium and France, Aepodia is a recognised partner for pharma and biotech companies.


    AFSSI Pays | Booth n°D

    The AFSSI, the French Association of Service and Innovation Companies for the Life Sciences has the desire to unite French companies of services and technological innovation in the strategic field of Life Sciences. These innovative companies evolve in the pre-clinical phases, but also clinical, constitute the force of our sector; dynamic and highly qualified actors, constituting a diversified fabric of scientific providers essential to the development of industries in the Life Science


    Agro-Bio Antibodies Pays | Booth n°D21/4

    Agro-Bio provides Antibody services for life sciences industries. Customized anti-idiotype and anti-drug antibodies. Specific anti-HCP antibodies and HCP ELISA kits (coverage 2D). Biacore platform, affinity and kinetics, CQA: active concentration, Fc receptor binding… Identify antibody-binding sites on an antigen (Epitope Mapping). For your diagnostics kits with our customized polyclonal/monoclonal antibody development and our large-scale antibody production.


    ALCEDIAG Pays | Booth n°E23-11

    Created in 2013, ALCEDIAG is a personalized medicine company specializing in the development of diagnostics tests and clinical biomarkers with a primary focus on mental health and "precision psychiatry". ALCEDIAG has developed different signatures of blood biomarkers based on analysis of RNA editing, an epigenetic mechanism, combined with Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The first product of ALCEDIAG is Edit-B, a blood test to differentiate bipolar depression from unipolar depression.


    AMYLGEN Pays | Booth n°E23-4

    AMYLGEN is a privately owned contract research organization (CRO) offering a unique combination of validated in vivo models and a full range of biochemical and morphological testing allowing fast and predictive screening of the effects of drugs and nutraceuticals on brain health.


    Antapodia Therapeutics; Kupffer Biotherapeutics Pays | Booth n°F21

    Antapodia Therapeutics and Kupffer Biotherapeutics are subsidiaries of Stempodia Corporation, a science-driven biopharmaceutical startup providing breakthrough solutions for advanced and metastatic cancers. The company’s first-in-class invadopodia-targeted gene therapies have shown dramatic anti-metastasis efficacy and can be quickly moved to clinical trials. The company’s iKupffer technology solves multiple obstacles to develop first-in-class immune-cell therapies for desmoplastic GI cancers.

    http://www.antapodia.com - http://www.kupfferbio.com

    Aquitaine Science Transfert Pays | Booth n°H26

    Aquitaine Science Transfert is the Technology Transfer Office for the south west of France, covering 5500 researchers and 135 laboratories. We represent the regional academic research labs: Bordeaux University, INSERM, CNRS, Pau University, Bordeaux Polytechnic Institute... Since our creation in July 2012, we have signed 48 license agreements, patented 285 technologies and created 17 startups. Health, wellness and medical devices represent a key business in which our company is highly involved.


    Atlanpole Biotherapies Pays | Booth n°E13

    Atlanpole Biotherapies is a competitiveness cluster involved in the medicine of tomorrow. It is focused for the development of new therapies, immunotherapy, regenerative medicine and radiopharmaceuticals, on the bio-medicine value chain from target discovery to clinical evaluation, completed by digital and nutrition approach. The projects of our network of 230 members, both academic and industrial, show the excellence of our expertise in personalized medicine.


    AxLR Pays | Booth n°H26

    AxLR is a technology transfer acceleration company. Our specialty is helping innovative projects derived from academic research reach maturity and commercialization. We work with the main public-sector research laboratories in France's Mediterranean area in Occitanie, one of the most dynamic locations in Europe, with over 200 laboratories and some 12,000 researchers.


    Bachem AG Pays | Booth n°E15

    Bachem is specialized in the process development and manufacturing of peptide-based active pharmaceutical ingredients. A comprehensive catalog of biochemicals and exclusive custom syntheses for research labs complete the service portfolio. Headquartered in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Europe, the US and Asia, the group has a global reach. Bachem shows total commitment to quality, innovation and partnership. Bachem. Pioneering Partner for Peptides


    BIC – Biomarker Commercialization Pays | Booth n°G10

    The BIC, Biomarker Commercialisation, is a project developing tools to support researchers, TTOs and small companies for a more successful commercialisation of biomarkers inventions. The final tools will be a BIC Master Tool, from discovery to market launch, a Best Practices Handbook based on experiences from TTO in the field, a screening and selection guide for TTOs and a regulatory guideline. Tools will be available in summer 2020. BIC is granted by the Interreg programme Baltic Sea Region.


    BIOALTERNATIVES Pays | Booth n°D21/5

    Bioalternatives offers various in silicoin vitro and ex vivo complementary services that are suitable for drug discovery (screening, profiling, safety) and can also provide you with assays for claim substantiation (proof of concept, repositioning, benchmarking). Our main fields of study are healthy and/or pathological skin (e.g. psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, wound healing, fibrosis, etc.), immune-inflammation and more generally pharmacology (signaling, stress, ageing).


    Biodextris Pays | Booth n°J23

    Bringing Innovation to life, collaborative biologics development for the next generation! We offer a wide range of development services from fermentation process to purification activities as well as the complementary analytical development and testing. Biodextris has big pharma vaccine origins and experience but what makes us an easy choice is our dedicated project management approach with our team of well experienced project managers saving time and effort. Exactly what a CDMO should be!


    Biogenouest Pays | Booth n°D23

    Biogenouest provide state-of-the-art research facilities to the scientific community in western France. We combine expertise, capability and equipment through a network of technology core facilities. Our team all strive to develop state-of-the-art technologies platforms drawing on a coordinated approach. Our network brings together 35 technology core facilities that deliver hands-on solutions for labs and businesses across: genomics, proteomics, functional exploration, bioimaging structural and metabolic analysis, bioinformatics.


    BIOREA Pays | Booth n°C13

    Do you need taylor-made biomass of your strain (bacteria, yeast, microalgae)? Do you need taylor-made biomass for your DSP projects? Bioréa, subsidiary of Agrial Group, relies on its patented fermentation technology for: - Taylor-made biomass with complete scale-up from lab scale to industrial volumes - R&D service to adapt your strain & medium to our technology Should you want to run more R&D trials in your lab, you can also "Cultivate-it-yourself" with our bioreactor equipment.


    BioRN Pays | Booth n°E24

    BioRN is the science and industry cluster of the Rhine-Main-Neckar region around Heidelberg, one of Germany’s strongest biotech hubs. It is a non-profit network fostering health innovations and serving its members by creating a rich translational ecosystem as well as promoting, representing and connecting the regional innovation stakeholders. One of BioRN's tools to achieve translation of research is HAEP, a scouting service for a tailored matching between innovation seekers and innovators.


    BLOCK-T Pays | Booth n°I20/1

    BLOCK-T is a startup incubated at EURASANTÉ since October 2018, whose main activity is the development of preclinical traceability software. Based on our preclinical research experience, BLOCK-T aims to help improve the quality of preclinical laboratory experiments: Our innovation lies in the creation of TracePic, the first Blockchain traceability software dedicated to laboratories, and developed to improve the tracking and traceability of experimental data.


    Brand Institute Pays | Booth n°C14

    Brand Institute was created on this principle: provide the highest quality name development services, produced and presented by the most experienced professionals, in a timely manner, and at a competitive price. OUR MISSION: To provide best-in-class strategy, name development, trademark screening, market/safety research and visual identity service to our valued, global clientele, delivered by 250+ of the most experienced and forward-thinking branding professionals in our industry.


    Canceropôle Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Pays | Booth n°E23-13

    The Canceropôle Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur is a public consortium gathering about 850 scientists and physicians involved in cancer research in the Région Sud of France. It supports research groups by funding their projects chosen via dedicated calls and establishing new technological platforms. It also aims to accelerate the progress towards the anticancer therapies and diagnostic tools of tomorrow by promoting the maturation of projects and the transfer of results to the clinics.


    Carnot France Futur Elevage Pays | Booth n°G21

    Carnot France Futur Elevage is a French public research network that provides R&D competences to livestock farming sector businesses, including health, nutrition and breeding systems. It brings together actors from agro-veterinary research from INRA and its academic partners with an international visibility and three Agricultural Technical Institutes leaders in the breeding services.


    CEMIPAI – Centre d’études des maladies Infectieuses et Pharmacologie anti-infectieuse – UMS 3725 CNRS Université Montpellier Pays | Booth n°E23-16

    The CEMIPAI is a CNRS-Montpellier University laboratory made up of one of the largest level 3 containment facility in France. Our services support both basic and translational biomedical research on human pathogens for companies and academics. A screening service is available for semi-automated drug or antibody screening against a growing number of viruses. State-of-the-art BLS3 microscopies offer cutting-edge technology for the detection, quantification and analysis of viruses and bacteria.


    Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies Pays | Booth n°E22

    Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies was founded in 2012 at the University Hospital Hradec Králové, Czech Republic as a joint commercialization office for researchers of University Hospital Hradec Králové, University of Hradec Králové and Faculty of Military Health Sciences, University of Defense. The mission of CTBT is to protect the intellectual property of all participating institutions, and to transfer the outcomes of R&D to the market and to negotiate and contract research.


    CER Groupe Pays | Booth n°I10

    CER Groupe is a Belgian Registered Research Center established 40 years ago providing services, products and research in veterinarian, biotech and biomedical areas. Our activities are focused on preclinical, analytical and biomanufacturing fields. We offer fully customized and integrated solutions to our partners, from start-up, spin-offs and early-stage companies to big pharma. These services are performed according to the most appropriate quality standards, from R&D up to GLP and GMP.


    CILCARE Pays | Booth n°D21/6

    CILcare is the world's leading CRO offering preclinical services and consultancy in ear disorders. Based in Montpellier, Boston, and Paris, CILcare supports pharma, medtech, nutraceutical, and veterinary industries to assess efficacy and safety of drugs, cell and gene-based therapies, medical devices on hearing loss, tinnitus, and otic disorders.


    Ciloa Pays | Booth n°E23-14 - E23-15

    CILOA’S CUSTOMIZED EXOSOMES FOR INNOVATIVE THERAPEUTICS. Ciloa is the Pioneer exosome Company with the highest R&D experience on recombinant exosomes. Ciloa innovative platform allows to develop Therapeutic Vectors, Therapeutic Antibodies and Adjuvant- & Virus-Free Vaccines. Ciloa customizes exosomes in vivo to contain i) fully native membrane protein complexes (GPCRs, Kinase Rec., Transporters, Ion Channels, Viral Antigens, …) embedded in their membrane and ii) any proteins inside their cytosol


    Clubster NHL Pays | Booth n°I20

    Clubster NHL – Nutrition, Health, Longevity – is a French competitiveness cluster federating 350 members in the Nutrition, biotechnology and health sectors. We foster collaboration between academia, private companies (start-up, SMEs and large companies), clinicians and final users. Our aim is to help our members to design, develop and finance their innovative products and processes. The activity encompasses the ONE HEALTH concept, close relation between human, animal and plant health.


    CRYOPDP an AIR LIQUIDE company Pays | Booth n°C10

    For over 25 years, CRYOPDP, an Air Liquide subsidiary, advise his lifescience industry customers for the transport of their temperature and time sensitive products. CRYOPDP design tailor-made solutions to secure the logistic of clinical trials and R&D samples, thanks to a team of logistic experts and all the entities strategically located around the world.


    Cynbiose Pays | Booth n°D21/3

    Cynbiose is a preclinical CRO specialized in nonhuman primate (NHP) translational models for biomedical research. We provide preclinical services ranging from PK/PD exploratory studies to pharmacological PoC studies in various physiopathological diseases models (Infectious and respiratory diseases, CNS, Rheumatology, Cardiovascular diseases,…). We also provide different proprietary technical platforms and the Immunolead platform for the assessment of immunotherapies and vaccines.


    CzechInvest Pays | Booth n°H23

    CzechInvest, the Investment and Business Development agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, works with businesses based in the Czech Republic to support their development and encourages foreign companies to look at the Czech Republic as their partner of choice. Our consultancy services are provided free of charge and cover among others market intelligence including technology scouting as well as strategic and R&D collaboration in strategic sectors including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals


    DHUNE Pays | Booth n°G14

    The DHUNE center is one of the 7 French Centers of Excellence on Neurodegeneration. Approaching the disease differently, establishing bridges between clinical and pre-clinical research, involving both different hospital clusters and academic research teams, patients, industrialists of the sector, and education, DHUNE aims to achieve discoveries on motor skills, cognition, daily life of patients with neurodegenerative diseases and to obtain faster progress on these diseases.


    DIM1HEALTH Pays | Booth n°D25

    DIM1HEALTH is a research grant based on three areas – environmental health, human health and animal health – whose close interactions make them inseparable from each other. The “One Health” concept came into being in a context characterized by climate change, worldwide demographic growth, scarcity of natural resources, and shifting health pressures in both human and animal populations.


    DRUGABILIS Pays | Booth n°D21/10

    DRUGABILIS is an established CRO specialized in pharmaceutical drugability of R&D compounds, including cytotoxic drugs. Our expertise includes API Solid Form Optimization (salts, polymorphs, cocristals) & Early Formulation, ranging from animal formulation (efficacy, PK, Tox) to early clinical formulation feasibility assessment (oral low soluble, injectable, ocular, dermal, vaginal …). Our recent relocation to new facilities allowed us increasing our capacities for new projects and clients.


    e-Zyvec Pays | Booth n°I20/5

    We provide an integrated service for design and production of tailor-made DNA vectors We enable ambitious projects by generating powerful molecular tools in shorter times. We are R&D boosters, we help progress makers! We contribute to the biotechnologies that will make the century greener, safer and more sustainable.


    EATRIS Pays | Booth n°G14

    EATRIS helps you de-risk and add value to your drug, vaccine or diagnostic development programme. We do this by providing fast, tailored access to clinical expertise and cutting-edge enabling technologies available within our 90 academic centres across Europe. Solutions are provided in the fields of advanced therapy medicinal products, biomarkers, imaging and tracing, small molecules and vaccines.


    ER2i Ingénierie Pays | Booth n°F23

    Engineering and general contractor – designer and builder of buildings and complex processes. ER2i engineering is an engineering and contracting company based in Grenoble, Lyon and Paris, which specialize in highs standards buildings and structures. We are recognized on both the national and international levels, as a main actor of the construction sector for specific and innovative markets. We are specialized in pharmaceutical and cosmetical industries, medtech and research laboratories.


    ERDYN Pays | Booth n°E12

    Erdyn is a pure player of innovation. Erdyn is a leader consulting company specialized in innovation. We support our clients from strategies set up to their operational implementation to sustain growth and competitiveness through innovation. We offer support for: - Set up and management of collaborative projects - Innovation marketing and business development - Technological and scientific states of the art - Technology/opportunity scouting


    EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation Pays | Booth n°F11

    The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is a unique organisation between the European Commission (DG GROW) and the Japanese Government (METI). The EU-Japan Centre manages matchmaking missions, information seminars and researches, managerial training courses, student placement programmes and other services all designed to help bring European and Japanese businesses together. In October 2020, the Centre will organise a Biotech mission to Japan on the fringes of “BioJapan 2020 ".


    Eurasanté Pays | Booth n°I20

    Eurasanté is a development agency dedicated to tech transfer and business development in life sciences sector in Northern France region. Our experienced project managers help researchers, startups and companies with their development projects. To do so, Eurasante provides many services such as real estate, fundraising, recruitment and business development. It also promotes the Eurasante Bio-business Park, which already hosts 8 hospitals, 4 universities, 8 specialised schools and more than 170 companies. It benefits from an exceptional location at the heart of Europe.


    EUROBIOMED Pays | Booth n°E23

    EUROBIOMED is the catalyst of the health sector in Southern France. EUROBIOMED leads territorial initiatives, provides resources and offers solutions for businesses and research organizations. EUROBIOMED helps them to innovate, finance, develop and achieve their strategic and business objectives to ultimately improve life through innovations in health. EUROBIOMED tops European rankings in all stages of innovation. Together, the + 390 EUROBIOMED members are a driving force in regional development (with 290 projects, representing +1 billion Euros).


    Eurofins CDMO Pays | Booth n°E14

    Eurofins CDMO provides integrated, end-to-end development and manufacturing services for Drug Substance/API and Drug Product manufacturing for biologics and small molecules. We are experts for highly potent compounds, poorly soluble drugs, lyophilisation processes, orphan drugs, paediatric forms… Our services: DS Development, Solid State R&D, Preformulation, Formulation Development, GMP Manufacturing, Clinical Packaging and Logistics, CMC Regulatory Support. Contact us: www.eurofins.com/cdmo


    European Centre for Clinical Research Training Pays | Booth n°I13

    The European Centre for Clinical Research Training (ECCRT) is a professional clinical research training organisation for the pharma, biotech & medical device industries as well as for investigational and academic groups doing clinical trials. We are focusing on the transfer of implementable knowledge for the day-to-day activities of our participants whether being new to the industry, starters on the job, or seasoned professionals.


    FGK Clinical Research GmbH Pays | Booth n°H21

    FGK provides full service for clinical studies to biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical companies. FGK has the right size to handle big international studies as well as small single country studies and can guarantee a personal service to the sponsor. With our 140 highly qualified medical, scientific and regulatory experts, we have all knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in Europe and can guide you through the clinical trial process, from planning and approval to the final report.


    FINDMED Pays | Booth n°H24

    FINDMED is a consortium of academic Carnot institutes devoted to human and animal Health. Covering the whole R&D value chain, its role is to support Small Medium-sized Enterprises development by facilitating access to academic research and technological resources. It gathers 7 leading institutes in Health (Vision institute, Institut Pasteur, Institut Curie, ICM, INRA, CALYM, Imagine) and 7 more in chemistry and technology (Chimie Balard Cirimat, I2C, M.I.N.E.S, Smiles, TN@UPSaclay, IPGG, MICA).


    GENBIOTECH Pays | Booth n°E23-2

    Genbiotech, a R&D subsidiary of Laboratoires Genévrier located in Sophia-Antipolis, offers its certified controlled atmosphere zone for rental. Our bioproduction site qualified by AEC partners in 2018. Each of the 7 independent clean rooms (20 to 50 m², Class B, ISO 5), fully equipped, ensures a controlled environment for production. This unique cleanrooms rental offer combines our how-know and both functional and operational flexibility (e.g. integration of specific equipment, rental period...)


    GeT-INRA Transfert Pays | Booth n°H11

    GeT-IT (Genomics and Transcriptomics-INRA TRANSFERT) offers a range of services based on innovations from INRA (GeT and LBE-INRA platforms) that meet the expectations and needs of companies in genomic and transcriptomic applications, clinical studies or pilot projects. Our service allows us to offer multi-technology approaches to answer some biological questions of private companies, including sequencing strategy advices (NovaSeq, MiSeq, ONT…), DNA/RNA extraction, dataproduction and bioinformatics/biostatistics analyses. GeT-IT offers a complete range of services to reach the needs of companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical / cosmetics, biotechnology, agri-food, agricultural, animal and environmental sectors.


    GILSON Pays | Booth n°I12

    Gilson - a leader in fluidics, purification and sample management - manufactures instrumentation and software that enables our customers to safely purify and accurately manipulate their valuable samples. All our ranges and products have been built upon our knowledge gained from manufacturing reliable equipment for over 50 years. It includes at once automated liquid handling instruments (Prep HPLC, SPE, GPC Clean-up…) and manual liquid handling products as PIPETMAN® pipettes.


    HalioDx Pays | Booth n°D24

    HalioDx is an immuno-oncology diagnostic company providing oncologists with diagnostic products and services to guide cancer care and contribute to precision medicine in the era of immuno-oncology. HalioDx executes biomarker studies and companion diagnostic assay development in conformity with regulations and in partnership with biopharmaceutical companies. HalioDx has an experienced team of more than 165 employees, CLIA-certified laboratories and compliant facilities in Europe and in the US.


    HCS Pharma Pays | Booth n°I20/2

    HCS Pharma is a biotech company focused on preclinical in vitro studies, specialized in high content analysis (HCA) and high content screening (HCS). We evaluate the efficacy and safety of your molecules (drug, ingredient, or cosmetic actives) on innovative 2D and 3D cellular models. HCS Pharma owns and sells BIOMIMESYS® technology, a reproducible and physiological surrogate extracellular matrix for 3D cell culture.


    High Force Research Ltd Pays | Booth n°C12

    HFR is a premier CRO/CDMO company, creating specialist materials to GMP standards and developing synthetic manufacturing processes. With extensive experience of applied chemistry across numerous industry sectors and academia, our materials are used in wide range applications from Pharmaceuticals to Diagnostics, and Smart Materials to Organic Electronics. We operate a hydrid business model combining CRO/CDMO with collaborative research programmes aimed at the development of value added products.


    Holodiag Pays | Booth n°J14

    Holodiag is your expert CRO dedicated to API solid state, crystallization process and preformulation. Our services include: - solid state screenings (polymorph, salt, co-crystal) ; - solid form studies (solubility, dissolution, stability) ; - crystallization process (solid form control, yield/purity, particle engineering, filtration/drying) ; - method development (XRPD, DSC, TGA, DVS, PSD and more).


    HPC – CoEs Pays | Booth n°D12

    The HPC Centres of Excellence (CoEs) are EU funded projects supporting the uptake of simulation and numerical modelling in industry in various domains of life sciences. The project CompBioMed is focussed on tools and support for cardiovascular and neuro-musculoskeletal simulation & molecular medicine. The POP project provides performance optimisation & productivity services for academic and industrial codes. These projects offer professional services delivered by the research community itself.


    ID2Santé Pays | Booth n°E13

    ID2Santé is a technology innovation centre operating in the Bretagne region (Western France). It is also the regional representative of the Atlanpole Biotherapies competitiveness cluster. It is in close contact with regional researchers and companies from the health sector and helps forge partnerships to support R&D projects and to develop innovative health products.


    Inova Software Pays | Booth n°D13

    Inova Software accelerates biopharma partnering. Our cloud-based solutions help life science companies manage their opportunities more efficiently. They find all their partnering information in one place, track their deals and alliances easily, and report on their pipeline and activities in seconds. Over 130 life science companies, including 50% of the top 50 pharma companies and many midsize pharma, biotechs and research institutes, already use Inova. To learn more, visit www.inova-software.com


    Inserm Transfert Pays | Booth n°H20

    As a private subsidiary of the French National Institute of the Health and Medical Research (Inserm), Inserm Transfert manages economic and societal value creation and the transfer of knowledge from Inserm research laboratories to companies, contributing to promote human health innovation and long-term technology transfers in line with international best practices. https://technology-offers.inserm-transfert.com/


    Institut Carnot CALYM Pays | Booth n°H24

    The CALYM Carnot Institute brings together 15 research teams specialized in lymphoma, first blood cancer. This academic consortium, without international equivalent, aims at accelerating innovation and its transfer in the lymphoma treatment and diagnosis through a unique R&D offering: from the identification of new biological targets to registration clinical trials.


    Institut Carnot Chimie Balard CIRIMAT Pays | Booth n°H24

    The Chimie Balard Cirimat Carnot Institute provides companies with R&D support in Chemistry, Materials and Processes. We offer innovative solutions to our partners, drawing upon our expertise in green chemistry and processes and in materials with enhanced properties. The comprehensive coverage by our research groups and the access to four state-of-the-art technological platforms allows us to meet any challenge from the energy, health, cosmetics and transport industries.


    Institut Carnot Curie Cancer Pays | Booth n°H24

    Composed of a world-renowned research center and a state-of-the-art hospital group, including 3300 researchers, physicians and caregivers, the Carnot Curie Cancer Institute is a leading player in the fight against cancer. Through its Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnerships Office, the Carnot Curie Cancer ensures that Institut Curie and partners' inventions nurture from bench to bedsides and receive the greatest chance of actually reaching patients.


    Institut Carnot ICM Pays | Booth n°H24

    The ICM Carnot Institute is comprised of a research center, a center for clinical investigation and an incubator for start-ups dedicated to finding solutions for diseases and disorders of the central nervous system. Headquartered in a 22,000 sqm building equipped with the latest technological core facilities, our goal is to promote strong partnerships as a means to accelerate translational research and respond to industry actors unmet needs.


    Institut Carnot M.I.N.E.S. Pays | Booth n°H24

    Composed of Armines and 8 engineering schools, the M.I.N.E.S Carnot Institute is built on a multi-disciplinary academic foundation enhanced by a 50-year heritage of providing solutions to meet the needs of the socio-economic players. Truly inspirational for companies seeking innovation, the M.I.N.E.S Carnot Institute draws its strength from its motivation to break down scientific barriers.


    Institut Carnot MICA Pays | Booth n°H24

    Specialist in functional materials, surfaces and interfaces, the Carnot MICA Institute supports companies in the design and development of their products and services. With his 17 laboratories and technical centers, all experts in materials and innovative solutions, the Carnot MICA Institute offers companies a comprehensive offering, ranging from basic research to industrial applications.


    Institut Carnot Pasteur MS Pays | Booth n°H24

    Institut Carnot Pasteur Microbes & Santé supports research on infectious and chronic diseases, the role of microbiota in health, and on host-pathogen interactions. Its goal is to help industrial stakeholders develop innovative products in the fields of therapeutics, diagnostics, vaccines and technologies for biology. It consists of six research departments (Cell Biology & Infection, Global Health, Microbiology, Parasites and Insect Vectors, Virology, Mycology) and technological platforms.


    Institut Carnot Qualiment® Pays | Booth n°H24

    Meeting consumer expectations with regards to the sensory and nutritional quality of foods as part of a sustainable food process is a major challenge in terms of innovation. As such, the Qualiment® Carnot Institute implements scientific and technological resources required to support companies in their projects in the field of improvement and development of food products.


    Institut Carnot Smiles Pays | Booth n°H24

    The Carnot SMILES is a public research institute which aims at making the most of the power of applied mathematics, through collaborative research, in order to foster innovation within companies. Made up of multi-disciplinary teams, the institute accompanies its industrial partners in their technological challenges regarding bioscience (among other themes): molecular dynamics simulation, growth of cells population modeling, wound healing modeling, protein-protein interaction, metagenomics.


    Institut Carnot STAR Pays | Booth n°F14

    Bringing together a multidisciplinary consortium of 8 laboratories and technological platforms in physics, biology, medicine, computer science and engineering, Carnot STAR offers to the industry a set of complementary scientific expertise and know-how to support its innovation projects in the field « Sport, health and well-being ». STAR offers solutions adapted to needs of industry for : - Research & Development - Expertise and advice - Services. More info : www.institutcarnotstar.com


    Institut Carnot TN@UPSaclay Pays | Booth n°H24

    The CEA List, labelled Institut Carnot “Technologies Numériques @UPSaclay” (TN@UPSaclay), conducts research on smart digital systems for industry. Its R&D programs, all with potentially major economic and social implications, focus on the factory of the future, the artificial intelligence and the digital health. By developing cutting-edge technological research, the List helps its industrial partners to enhance their competitiveness through innovation and technology transfer.


    Institut Carnot Voir et Entendre Pays | Booth n°H24

    The «Voir et Entendre» Carnot Institute represents one of the most important international centers in neurosensory research. This institute is designed as a place of exchange gathering on the same site patients, clinicians, researchers and industrials in order to accelerate innovation in terms of health products and high technology, while bringing solutions to unmet needs of people impaired by pathologies and handicaps affecting visual and hearing systems.


    IODA CONSULTING Pays | Booth n°E23-1

    IODA, the alliance of financial strategy and scientific expertise. Our cabinet is specialised on innovative companies, with a strong background on all healthcare sectors. We provide consulting services for accounting, tax credit mechanisms and funding. IODA’s partners and our teams are fully committed at your sides with smart and accurate solutions to achieve your objectives, at every step of your development, through a win/win & long-term partnership.


    IPAZ Pays | Booth n°D11

    IP-Patents-Trademarks-Design-Strategy-Contracts-Litigation. IPAZ is one of the leading Intellectual Property firms in France. IPAZ provides IP expertise and have a strong record serving companies, research organizations and project leaders. IPAZ will support you to protect and defend your IP rights and help you in IP agreements and in IP litigations, in France and around the world. Our vision of IP integrates the client company’s business strategy to best serve its interests.


    IPSIDE Pays | Booth n°D16

    For 40 years, IPSIDE has supported innovation and supported its clients in intellectual property consulting. Its experts protect your creations, defend your rights, enhance your projects. Large groups, SMEs, startups or independent inventors, IP is a real strategic issue.


    iQualit Pays | Booth n°F12

    In an era of digitalization, Big Data and Data Science, data is a major part of every company. For the Life Sciences, data management is critical. Our duty is to go with every company improving their information system, handling, hosting and processing their data processing with quality assurance. Our services are focused on 3 main expertises : Data Compliance, Data Center and Data to Information. Each service is in compliance with Life Sciences regulations and professional recommendations.


    LAXAI Life Sciences Ltd. Pays | Booth n°J21

    LAXAI is a fully integrated contract research and development organization that delivers solutions in early drug discovery, chemical process development, and GMP manufacturing for pharmaceutical, animal health, and agrochemical industries globally. Our focus is on providing highly efficient and well considered scientific solutions at relatively less time and cost compared to industry standards. Our experience, spanning more than a decade, has enabled us to develop deep expertise in custom NCEs.


    LifeScientis Pays | Booth n°E23-17

    LifeScientis develops innovative and sustainable solutions for encapsulation, vectorization and targeted delivery of compounds. In addition, our expertise in toxicological risk assessment enables us to guide our partners in the definition and implementation of a tailored safety strategy for their products. Committed to improving the performance of products and guaranteeing people safety, LifeScientis anticipates the societal and regulatory challenges of the Life Sciences industries.


    Linksium Pays | Booth n°H26

    Linksium selects and reinforces disruptive technologies generated by deep public research results in Grenoble Alps area. All funded projects have valuable intellectual property inside. At a glance, business players can easily discover and scout most promising technologies and startups that may be the next game changers of the market. Linksium funded 157 technologies with 33 M€, fostering to the création of 36 startups. 30% of its technologies portfolio (licenses or startups) push back scientific boundaries in health field, and specifically for medical devices.


    MediTox s.r.o. Pays | Booth n°D10

    MediTox s.r.o. is GLP-certified CRO focused on pre-clinical R&D (vaccines development, ophthalmic diseases, influenza, osteoarthrosis) and comprehensive preclinical and toxicological assessment of human/veterinary drugs, biological, medical devices and food additives in full compliance with GLP standards and international guidelines (EMEA, ICH/VICH, OECD, US FDA, ISO 10993). The team is especially strong in preclinical toxicology of non-rodent species (dogs, non-human primates)


    MetaGenoPolis Pays | Booth n°H11

    MetaGenoPolis is the INRA center of shotgun metagenomic in human and animal microbiome research. In collaboration with industries, academics and clinics, MGP conceives and implements projects tailored to the partner’s need. ISO 9001 certified, the protocols and procedures implemented are constantly kept at the cutting edge of technology. MGP proposes quantitative and functional metagenomic to analyse complex microbiome diversity and interactions between gut bacteria and human cells.


    Métropole Aix-Marseille Provence Pays | Booth n°E23

    From Basic research to receiving patients, and including medical cosmetology and the expertise from innovative therapies, the metropolis encompasses a very wide scope in the healthcare field. Infectious diseases, immunology, oncology, neurology, innovative therapies : an integrated organization, supported by a very high level training base and supported by leading companies and laboratories and Eurobiomed Cluster. Backed by publicly-funded research, this sector has extensive international connections.


    MI-mABS Pays | Booth n°E23-6

    Mi-mAbs is an innovative integrated immunotechnology (a consortium) center designed to accelerate the development of new immunotherapy antibodies (mAbs, ADC, Bi-specifics) against cancer and inflammatory diseases. Open to the best targets of academic and industrial research, MI-mAbs generates antibodies and validates them. MI-mAbs, a multi-disciplinary team, involving experts in hybridoma, in molecular biology, biochemistry, immunochemistry , and in vitro / in vivo immunopharmacology.


    Montpellier France Health Hub Pays | Booth n°E23-3

    Montpellier is a territory for research and innovation, with strong entrepreneurial vitality and a long tradition in health, now set on medicine of the future. A fertilizing environment: presence of leading French research centers, a widely recognized university hospital (CHU), the successful University of Montpellier, the BIC startup incubator ranked 2nd in UBI Global 2018, a site dedicated to companies (Biopôle Euromédecine), the Eurobiomed competitiveness cluster, more than 200 companies...


    NeurATRIS Pays | Booth n°G14

    Achieve your translational neuroscience projects with NeurATRIS one-stop shop. NeurATRIS is a French research infrastructure accelerating translation of research discoveries into medical innovations for the diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. NeurATRIS gathers a wide range of cutting-edge scientific and clinical expertise, and state-of-the-art platforms (neuroimaging, animal models, aptamers, etc.) covering the entire value chain of translational neuroscience research.


    Neuro-Sys Pays | Booth n°I15

    Neuro-Sys is a research-intensive innovative CRO company specialized in advanced in vitro models of neurodegenerative diseases and drug development. The company offers disease models and analytical services in the CNS/PNS field such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, ALS… It is specialized in in vitro screening of neuro active molecules and mode of action research. It also accompanies and advises her clients in the drug development from preclinical trials to the clinical phase.


    Neuroservices-Alliance Pays | Booth n°E23-5

    We're a One-Stop Shop CNS CRO for translational data, providing pharma industries with functional readouts in neuro-pharmacology. We generate data from complementary CNS platforms: in vitro & in vivo CNS Electrophysiology and Behavioral tests. Thanks to our strong college of experts, our functional data from Rodent and Human tissues accelerate CNS and Pain research programs thanks to fast and robust lead selection & optimization, investigation of MOA, and validation of target engagement.


    NOVA BIOMEDICAL Pays | Booth n°C11

    Nova Biomedical develops, manufactures, and sells advanced technology blood testing analyzers. We employ over 1,200 people, have subsidiaries in 8 countries and more than 91 distributors. Nova is one of the 25 largest in vitro diagnostic companies in the world and the largest privately owned in vitro diagnostic company in the US. Nova manufactures a series of BioProfile® automated cell culture analyzers for rapid analysis of key nutrients, metabolites, pH, gases, and cell density/cell viability.


    Novaxia Pays | Booth n°D21/7

    Novaxia is an independent player in histology since 1996. Specialized in Toxicology/Pre-clinical, Pharmacology, Academic Research, Dermo-cosmetics, Novaxia is committed to its customers in terms of quality and deadlines. Our expertise allows our teams to offer you a personalized offer (customized protocols respecting your specifications), a guarantee of conformity (GLP accreditation, 100% control of the slides) as well as additional services such as: the scanning of your slides and IHC.


    ONTOFORCE NV Pays | Booth n°G12

    ONTOFORCE is a data science company, that creates and implements big data fabrics with patented semantic search technologies, enabling linked data at large scale. It will result in smarter enterprise information management systems, ready for global use at multinationals, SME’s, research institutes, hospitals, and patient organizations. Our mission is to build the best in class, most used linked data platform to find insights in the continuously growing amounts of data efficiently.


    Oroxcell Pays | Booth n°D21/1

    After 15 years as service provider for Life Science Industries, Oroxcell is entering the forthcoming decade with novel assays using validated 3D-Organotypic Human Models based assays, for Efficacy, ADME and Safety, while maintaining its GLP compliance status. Areas of expertise: Pharma, Nutrition Health, Dermato-Cosmetic, Medical Device and chemicals.


    OUEST VALORISATION Pays | Booth n°H26

    Bringing forward laboratory innovations to innovative products Ouest Valorisation is a Société d'Accélération du Transfert de Technologies or Technology Transfer Acceleration Company – TTO. Our mission is to add value to the results produced by public research laboratories, in Brittany and the Pays de la Loire, and to offer attractive innovation resources to socio-economic actors.


    Palm’Data Pays | Booth n°E23-10

    Founded in September 2018, Palm’Data aims to support lifesciences companies (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices) in the organization, protection and use of regulatory data. With 20 years of expertise in data lifecycle management in the lifesciences, we support our clients from the audit phase to employee training to meet GxP requirements whether it is paper data, electronic data, samples or specimens. Palm'Data's Sophia-Antipolis archiving site has obtained GLP compliance from ANSM.


    PMC ISOCHEM Pays | Booth n°F20

    PMC Isochem offers contract research, development, custom manufacturing, catalogue products and innovative solutions for Pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Drug delivery solutions : TPGS-1000 NF USP for poorly soluble drug formulation and Polyamino acid based solutions for Nano Encapsulation and Polymer Drug Conjugates CDMO services: GMP industrial exclusive custom synthesis and provides tailor made services from development to production. 3 FDA audited manufacturing plants Generic APIs: 20 generic API  for US, EU and worldwide market


    Polepharma Pays | Booth n°E13

    Polepharma is the first pharmaceutical alliance in Europe, covering 3 regions (Centre-Val de Loire, Normandie and Ile de France) that ensures 53% of drug production in France. Its network relies on a team of experts who aim at stimulating industrial and economic development of the pharmaceutical industry with actions that promote competitiveness, innovation, attractiveness and the “Made in France”.


    Porteghal Accelerator Pays | Booth n°D17

    Porteghal Accelerator is a biotechnology, nanotechnology, and life sciences startups' commercialization accelerator as well as an innovation management consulting company based in Iran. Our main mission in Porteghal is to support non-business researchers to form startup teams and to provide commercialization services and seed financing to the startup teams who are looking forward to take the innovation journey & pass the commercialization valley of death. We are a bridge from lab to the market!


    Prodecys Pays | Booth n°E23-7

    Consulting firm dedicated to Project Management, we support companies to optimize their projects around 3 key pillars: Project Management Expertise, Training, Implementation of Project management & collaborative tools. We come from a Pharmaceutical Industry PMO. Our consultants are all experienced in international project management and certified on international project management standards. In a nutshell, Prodecys is a concentrate of complementary skills within an agile structure


    Réseau SATT Pays | Booth n°H26

    SATTs are French private TTOs, shared between several public research organizations, created to develop and commercialize research results to be transformed into innovative products. They evaluate, market and license technology from French Universities and Public Research Organizations. Bringing together professionalism, expertise and financing, SATTs come along the transfer chain according to the needs of industry. By increasing the Technology Readiness Levels, they also participate in reducing company risks.


    ROOWIN Pays | Booth n°D21/8

    Roowin is a privately owned Contract Research Organisation (CRO) headquartered in Riom (Auvergne), France. Its core business being in high value added fine chemistry, Roowin offers a large range of chemical services. We support our customers and partners to advance their drug candidates from early research phase up to licensing out API in phase II or to the Market for small batches (about 20 kg).


    S&P BRAIN srl Pays | Booth n°C17

    The company is an Italian academic spinoff, located in northen Italy (Piedmont region), that was founded in 2016 by a group of senior academic neuroscientists. It offers preclinical studies spanning from a wide range of behavioral tests to models of neurological injuries and degenerative disorders to cardiovascular, endocrine and metabolic measures to toxicological studies. The company seeks industrial, R&D centers for technical, research cooperation or services agreements.


    SATT Lutech Pays | Booth n°H26

    Created as a part of the "Investissement d'Avenir" program, SATT Lutech is a private company specialized in technology transfers : this company detects, protects, develops and commercializes the skills and research results coming from its partner institutions. Its mission is to facilitate the emergence of innovations with a real economic and/or social potential. Lutech invests in the development of proof of concept and/or prototype to support innovative projects, from laboratory to market.


    SATT NORD Pays | Booth n°H26

    SATT Nord  accelerate technology transfer from public research to the market. Satt Nord covers the whole value chain of technology transfer: increasing the awareness of researchers to innovation, sourcing high potential inventions in academic research labs, cofunding private-public collaborations, financing proof of concept and prototyping projects, as well as marketing “ready to industrialize” technologies through licensing out agreements, or creating start-up businesses.


    SATT Sud-Est Pays | Booth n°H26

    SATT Sud-Est is a key player in regional economic development associated with innovation. Its core business – technology transfer – consists of protecting, developing and licensing the results of research from public laboratories in the South & Corsica Regions to the socio-economic world. Its goal is to help companies acquire reliable innovations that are better suited to the industrial challenges they face.


    Sciomics GmbH Pays | Booth n°H22

    Sciomics offers high-content analysis services for > 1,000 proteins in a single assay including changes of their post-translational modification status. Typical applications for the platform are: • analysis of pathway activity and disease mechanisms • drug MOA studies • novel drug targets discovery • identification and verification of protein biomarkers Our immuno-based assays guarantee robust and reproducible results which can easily be translated into clinical assays.


    SIMV Pays | Booth n°G20

    The French association for animal health industry (SIMV) represents 39 companies of - Veterinary medicines - Diagnostics - Animal health devices and technologies


    SkillCell Pays | Booth n°E23-12

    Tests that previously required fully equipped laboratories available in your pocket! Starting with IDIR, the first urine test to screen for insulin-resistance, a condition leading to type 2 diabetes, a world health issue. At the intersection of biochemistry, AI and microfluidics, SkillCell breakthrough innovation offers new perspectives for health, food and environment. SkillCell intelligent tests analyze several biomarkers and are so user-friendly that anyone can use them, anytime and anywhere.


    SMALTIS Pays | Booth n°D21/9

    SMALTIS is a french laboratory expert in microbiology, delivering high added value and personalized technological solutions to support the development of health products, from research to clinical trials. Its fields of expertise are the fight against antibiotic resistance, the exploration of microbiota and the strain engineering for research and bioproduction applications. SMALTIS' strenghts lie on flexibility, reactivity and partnership.


    SMO GROUP Pays | Booth n°C15

    SMO Group is a leading Clinical Trial Logistics service provider in CEE and MENA.

    • 24/7 temperature-controlled storage
    • End-to-end clinical trial logistics
    • Global and local expertise
    • Import & Export of IMP, CTS etc.
    • Temperature controlled Storage
    • Distribution by own couriers in TVC
    • Patient Centricity Services
    • Comparator Sourcing


    Soladis Pays | Booth n°J22

    Soladis is a consulting company specialized in health data, composed of 100 expert resources in France, Switzerland, US and Canda. Supporting life science actors, Soladis provides clinical evaluation services (through the CRO Soladis Clinical Studies) as well as methodological and analytical assistance with biostatistical consulting and Machine Learning / AI development.


    SYNCROSOME Pays | Booth n°E23-18

    Syncrosome offers relevant disease models, cutting-edge techniques, specific Biomarkers and a comprehensive background of physiopathology to assist drug discovery companies in selecting their compounds. Our main activities consist in : - In vivo Drug Efficacy Studies for: o CNS, o Cardiometabolism, o Gastro and Respiratory - CNS-PK with a special focus in the study of the Blood Brain Barrier passage and/or Neurotransmitter monitoring. - Early (PK/PD) on rodents and non-rodents species


    Syneos Health Pays | Booth n°E23-8

    Syneos Health Translational Science, Sophia-Antipolis, France, provides a suite of integrated scientific capabilities from molecular characterization to lead candidate selection, to biomarker validation and model-based drug development, supporting sponsor’s drug development. A team of 80+ scientists with expertise in Biomarkers, Pharmacology, DMPK for General medicine, Oncology, Immuno-Inflammatory conditions works in a 31,500sq Laboratory space, with more than 200 state-of-the-art equipment.


    The mAbexperts group: RD-Biotech, Diaclone, Synabs and QVQ Pays | Booth n°I11

    mAbexperts, a team of 4 companies based on complementary expertise in the field of Antibody Engineering, with a large panel of custom services and products.

    • RD-BIOTECH: High added value custom services in Immunology, Genetic and Cell Engineering: development and biomanufacturing of plasmid DNA, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and antibodies (Fab, bispecific, scFv...). Analytical platform for proteins characterization and its FastELISA kits range.
    • DIACLONE: Centre of excellence in Monoclonal Antibody and Immunoassay development, with an extensive product portfolio of mAbs, ELISA and ELISpot kits (such as its murine and human IFN- ELISpot). Expertise in antibody development (hybridoma and phage display) and bioassays services.
    • SYNABS: A catalogue of anti-species secondary antibodies (anti-human, mouse, rat, bovine, rabbit,...) and an extensive expertise in the development of monoclonal antibodies in mice, as well as in rats (LOU rats) and guinea pigs using highly innovative technologies.
    • QVQ: Recognized expertise in the phage display development of antibody fragments (VHH) from llamas. In addition to its services, offers a range of exclusive and high-quality VHHs.
    Contact: info@mabexperts.com 


    Toulouse Tech Transfer Pays | Booth n°H26

    Toulouse Tech Transfer core business is to invest in technology-maturing programs based on academic research results of the Midi-Pyrénées region, which cover:

    • IP and legal management, in order to create more value through patents and know-how;
    • Marketing to identify which market mix should be targeted;
    • Technical operations to design and finance relevant proof of concept programs to reach an attractive level for businesses.
    The objective is to license the matured technologies and products to businesses.


    Tremplin Carnot I2C Pays | Booth n°H24

    The associated Carnot I2C brings together 8 research entities from Normandy on the 2nd territory of the chemical industry in France. With a strong expertise in synthesis, analysis and formulation, I2C capitalizes on this chemistry value chain as a privileged partner to support innovation for the pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, food, bioresources, cosmetics, energy and environmental sectors industries.


    Tremplin Carnot Imagine Pays | Booth n°H24

    Within Necker-Enfants malades Hospital in Paris, Imagine Associated Carnot’s brings together a large number of genetic diseases’ specialists with the aim to better understand these disorders to better diagnose and treat them. Its patient-centered organization and the close collaboration between clinicians and researchers implement a unique translational model that facilitates research collaborations and the establishment of new therapeutic strategies with the industrial partners.


    Tremplin Carnot Interfaces Pays | Booth n°H24

    Carnot INTERFACES brings together 5 laboratories of excellence from SORBONNE UNIVERSITE and offers you its expertise in collaborative research specialized in all digital's areas. In Medtech: biomedical imaging, big data, robotics, AI, IOT, knowledge engineering...


    Tremplin Carnot IPGG Microfluidique Pays | Booth n°H24

    The Institute Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (IPGG) is an Institute of excellence dedicated to microfluidics. Microfluidic is the science of handling fluids on a micrometric scale. Tremplin Carnot IPGG ambition is to bring “microfluidic revolution" to the service of industry with a proven and high level R&I competencies. Entrepreneurs, professionals and experts, if you are curious to learn more about the potential offered by microfluidic and how to partner with us, come and meet us!


    Trinity College Dublin Pays | Booth n°F22

    Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s highest ranked university. Trinity is seeking industry partners in the areas of biomedical science, bioengineering, ehealth, immunology/inflammation and infection, neuroscience and pharmaceutical science, rare diseases, cancer and ageing. Our researchers want to work on collaborative R&D projects, tackling industry relevant research challenges.


    Université Côte d’Azur Pays | Booth n°E23-9

    Université Côte d’Azur (UCA) is a recently created cluster of higher education establishments that brings together the major players in education and research on the French Riviera. UCA aims to develop a new 21st-century model for French universities, based on new interactions between disciplines and coordination between research, teaching, and innovation. In 2016, UCA won a prestigious “IDEX” award from the French government, placing it among the top 10 world-class universities in France.


    University of Pardubice Pays | Booth n°J20

    University of Pardubice consists of 7 faculties and provides education in the areas of natural and engineering sciences, social sciences and in the medical and artistic fields. Excellent research teams operate in nanotechnologies, material science, separation techniques, mass spectrometry, lipidomics and metabolomics, photoredox catalysis, organic chemistry and technology, etc. Technology transfer has been carried out on a broad scale, e.g. collaborative projects, applied research, IP licensing.


    Xell AG Pays | Booth n°J15

    Xell is an innovative partner for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, providing efficient solutions in cell culture technology. Xell has developed a range of customized and commercial culture media and feed supplements (CD, AOF) for the most commonly used mammalian cell types. Apart from our media platform we offer analytical services (e.g. our powerful spent media analysis) as well as cell culture and process services to better understand cell behaviour and optimize cultivation processes.


    Ximbio Pays | Booth n°I24

    Ximbio is a non-profit that works to commercialise life science reagents of all kinds at scale. Ximbio is part of Cancer Research UK and works with tech transfer offices globally to find, store, produce, market, sell and license research reagents. Ximbio also works with life science reagent supply companies, as well as pharma companies, to supply high quality reagents for internal research use or onward sale.


    Xpress Biologics Pays | Booth n°D15

    Xpress Biologics is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) specialized in the production of Biologics (proteins, antibody fragments and DNA) for preclinical applications specific to the therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic markets. The production scale, from 100 mg to 50 g and the quality of the biologics (R&D and GMP-like grades) are adapted for in vitro and in vivo preclinical validation of the biologics.


    YesMyPatent Pays | Booth n°C16

    YesMyPatent is a service of the French Patent Law Firm Touroude & Associates, aiming to democratize patent filling in Europe. Our offer is unique and based on 2 criteria: the expertise of our 25-collaborators teams, all Patent Attorneys accredited by the INPI and/or the European Patent Office, as well as a modern and efficient digital platform.


    ZOETIS Pays | Booth n°G11

    Zoetis is the leading animal health company, dedicated to supporting its customers and their businesses. Building on more than 65 years of experience in animal health, Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes veterinary vaccines, medicines and diagnostics, which are complemented by genetic tests, biodevices and a range of services.


    ZwickRoell Pays | Booth n°D14

    ZwickRoell is the world's leading supplier of materials testing machines. Our materials testing machines are used worldwide in R&D and quality assurance in more than 20 industries. ZwickRoell has stood for reliable test results, excellent service, quality and reliability in materials and components testing. ZwickRoell has all the tools needed to meet requirements of the medical industry : clean room requirements, DQ IQ OQ qualification, Expanded Traceability, climate chambers, dynamic testing.