Presentation Sessions: Deadline to apply: 30 June 2017

You are the innovation they need!

During BioFIT 2017 will be held Presentation Sessions:

1. Start-up Slams: Dedicated to young entrepreneurs who have created or are about to create an innovative company.

Present your overall strategy to potential partners and investors, receive a speed-mentoring from experienced pharmas and VCs, and enhance your visibility thanks to a dedicated meeting space.

2. Licensing Opportunity Presentations: Dedicated to technology transfer professionals (or related structures) who have ready-to-be-licensed technologies.

Present your technology(ies) to potential partners and investors, and exhibit a poster describing your technology(ies).

Don’t miss this opportunity! Register now for BioFIT 2017 and apply for the Presentations Sessions before 30th June to get your chance to be selected by the jury and pitch in front of an audience!

Presentation Sessions



Vincent Tavernier

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