Steered by a prestigious Committee, the BioFIT conference programme brings together bright minds to debate on innovation-focused topics, to foster learning, inspiration and conversations that matter.
Over 80 international experts will discuss current stakes of the sector related to innovative academia-industry collaborations, early-stage assets and investment.

December 1st, 2020 | 11.00 am – 12.30 pm

How to grow a successful early-stage partnership with pharma?

What is pharma awaiting from start-up which with they would like to interact? Learn from success stories of pharma-biotech collaborations through successful deals they made. What were the hurdles to these deals? What are the keys to carry a good partnership? What are the factors of success and of influence? Learn from figures and statistics: how many people get a deal at the end? How to picture your invention in the best possible way to make a deal? How interactions between early-stage projects and pharma help anticipate pitfalls at the very early development stages?

When addressing academia-industry relationships, the academic scientist may argue that the private sector sponsored research is at the cost of basic science and academic freedom. Yet, misalignment of the scientific value for a given research program opposed to its actual market is a constant mistake made by scientists. What are considered “mistakes” respectively in the industry and in the academia languages? This session advocates that a problem shared is a problem solved.

Fostering academia-industry partnerships is key to fuel innovation in the sector. Which sectors are prone to fuel collaborations? What are the elements to forgather to merge the scientific, academic, advocacy and industry spheres? How are the advances in specific fields influencing academia-pharma partnerships? How can these collective efforts question the way the industry is covering the pre-competitive status?

Early-stage assets evolve in an ecosystem where TTOs, scientists and entrepreneurs are closely connected. Understanding the mechanisms and difficulties of nurturing and licensing assets is key to properly influence the valuation of assets at an early stage. How can we fully understand the proposition behind the value? How can we transform science into business more frequently and efficiently?

This track aims to understand the mechanisms enforcing investors’ presence in early stages of development. Are we witnessing surges of investment in specific therapeutic areas? Who are the new players involved in investing on the biotech sector and what are their pre-requisites? Are there increasing interactions and partnerships between pharma and VCs at these initial stages?